Capturing Sunbeams: Stella Mešić
May 21, 2024
When it comes to photography, there is an artist who not only seizes the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, but also embodies the very essence of the sunlight. Meet Stella Mešić, a lively and profoundly inspiring photographer who remains true to her own vision, listening intently to her inner voice and following her instincts. This deep personal integrity is a cornerstone of her art, infusing her photos with a sincerity and resonance that truly set them apart.
How to Conceal Undereye Imperfections
May 03, 2024
Covering undereye imperfections can be pretty easy once you grasp the basics of using concealers to ensure your skin appears bright and natural. The key steps include neutralizing, concealing, and setting to achieve optimal results. Whether you're tackling dark circles, redness, or visible veins under thin skin, there's a technique available to help you maintain a rejuvenated makeup appearance.
How to contour: Enhance your Natural Beauty with the Right Tools
Apr 16, 2024
Contouring is not only a popular makeup trend but also an effective technique to highlight natural beauty and define facial features. It is crucial for both beginners and those aiming to improve their contouring skills to understand how to properly use this method. This guide covers contouring for various face shapes, compares cream textures and powders, and offers advice on selecting the right makeup brushes for a seamless look.
Why is Mindful Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes a Health Priority
Apr 08, 2024
Makeup brushes are important for achieving a flawless makeup application, but their maintenance is essential for health and their longevity. Proper cleaning is not only vital for hygiene, preventing skin issues, but also for preserving the brushes' integrity and functionality. Neglecting proper care can lead to premature wear and reduced effectiveness of the brushes. Here we bring you a couple of steps for taking care of your lovely brushes.
title photo by Dea Jagić
Mar 22, 2024
We interviewed an innovative female animation director, illustrator and independent artist Petra Balekić and discussed with her about her journey, inspirations, and the unique perspective she brings to the animation industry. She made it clear that her sheer need to create is what motivates her to create and that she sees it as a basic human. As a person constantly practicing mindfulness, art is liberating her through the empowerment of her intuition.
Creating her dimension through art: Lea Latečki
Mar 15, 2024
We had the chance to talk to the exceptional artist Lea Latečki, who welcomed us into her workshop, showing us her original and functional ceramic masterpieces.  We talked about her inspiration, what motivates her to create and how she became brave enough to think outside the box and create her own artistic rules, giving us a peek into her wonderful world of ceramics.