Creating her dimension through art: Lea Latečki

Creating her dimension through art: Lea Latečki

Mar 15, 2024Marijeta Duvnjak

This month we have the privilege to highlight even further the contribution of women that left a great impression in art, and now we present contemporary local artists, inspiring young women who express their own freedom and independence through their art.

We had the chance to talk to the creative woman who welcomed us into her eclectic workshop full of soul and character. Her unique works were displayed everywhere, every one of them telling its own story. We met Lea Latečki, an artist who creates original and functional ceramic masterpieces that would surely fit into any modern interior. She regularly publishes her works on her Instagram profile NOH Ceramics. Delighted by her workspace, which she describes as her sanctuary after a hard day's work, we talked about her inspiration, what motivates her to create and how she became brave enough to think outside the box and create her own artistic rules, giving us a peek into her wonderful world of ceramics.

 Lea Latečki

Embracing the clay: a place just for her

Her artistic journey began in 2021 when she was in search for a job after finishing her degree in agronomy, and the situation with COVID made everything more difficult. Despite that, she was pushing hard to create a place where she could do and create something on her own, says Lea, adding that she wanted to develop creativity and learn something new regardless of her profession. She has always been versatile, but she prefers clay more than fashion, movies and music. In a short time, she enrolled in a ceramics course and started making dishes and ceramic objects by hand, and she admits that she still drinks coffee from the first cup she made.


Inspirations and influences

Showing us her materials and latest works on the work table that she thrifted from her friend's grandfather, she told us how she often finds inspiration in everyday life, loves nature and strange shapes, and we could see from her stylish outfit that she is also a big fashion lover. Beauty is found in the odd and imperfect, and it’s difficult for us to decide whether her specialty are her "ugly" cups or unusual vases. Lea likes to meet people and observe their art, and what motivates her the most are other people. She proudly told us that through doing ceramics, she had the opportunity to meet many wonderful, brave and unconventional women who taught and encouraged her all the time while struggling with job search and finding herself.

The artistic process

When we asked her how many steps it takes to make one cup, Lea immediately took a piece of clay in her hands and told us along the way how this is her definition of freedom and occupying one's own space. She wants to be completely free in her creativity, regardless of whether something finds its buyer. Completely committed to the process, she explained that creating as a woman frees her by reaching out and creating her own place while creating a new piece, without compromise, without validation or other people's acceptance. Then she added that women are empowered through art by actively choosing roles for themselves and acting freely, concluding that societies promoting equality are stronger and healthier. Lea is always authentic and true to herself, proudly saying that ceramics motivates her every day, erases fatigue and fills her with positive energy.


Development and challenges

As the piece of clay started to take shape of a cup in Lea's hands, she confessed that with ceramics, she deepened her empathy for herself and for others, which she believes is the most valuable element of humanity. Now she notices the details that make her life more interesting, but also she encounters mixed comments on her unique expression. People are often confused because they don't understand what some of her created shapes represent, but watching their reactions to something unconventional entertains her. She takes challenges more easily as the time goes by because she became more confident in herself and her art. Lea also likes to experiment with outfits and makeup and jump outside the box, and says that it all applies to her ceramics where she’s not limiting herself with the choice of techniques. It is more fun for her to act impulsively and spontaneously.

Artists today

In Lea's opinion, social networks provide a large space for every artist to express themselves as they wish, but she’s personally more inclined towards live gatherings. She believes that there are many opportunities for exhibitions and artistic gatherings in Zagreb, if only they were advertised properly with media coverage. She also regrets that women today are not sufficiently supported through artistic media, even though they have always expressed themselves creatively through all segments of life. It’s important for emerging artists to be connected to others and to never turn off their curiosity. Lea advises them to explore techniques, styles and materials and not to be afraid of change. In her eyes, every artistic work that was created as a result of the authenticity of an individual, is a work of quality.


An artist and entrepreneur

Lea, the artist who works in a corporate environment during the day, happily returns to her studio every day and starts kneading clay, where her audience is her mother's flowers and the occasional spider, she jokingly adds. We wish her best of luck and her dream of starting a webshop come true. We think that she is a great example of living your passion, how to grow and develop yourself through it, while being a role model for everyone who wants to create their own dimension in an authentic way. Lea says that a woman chooses her role, acts freely, she is not passive and takes as much space as she wants. She is a protagonist, not a muse. And we couldn’t agree more with that.

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