About us


We are a team of young professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries stemmed from marketing, fashion and entrepreneurship scene.

Two people behind the curtain, the co-founders Vinko Filipcic and Marijeta Duvnjak, are trailblazers, entrepreneurs and visionaries in all relevant media presence in Croatia. 

Marijeta is a magician in start-ups, brilliant entrepreneur, force of nature in brand building and developing, with impeccable sense for success, yet undefeated.

Vinko is the founder and creator of the most exclusive, inclusive and most relevant fashion movement in the region, which remains the fashion giant that keeps on giving. 

Our team is constantly growing and evolving with creative and driven individuals, while keeping our creative forces joined with love for humanity and equal opportunities for everyone. Our brand is a result of joint effort with a promise to deliver a product of high quality, vegan, and cruelty free. Candy land pastel colors and user friendly is our gift to you. 

We strongly believe that quality should be available to everyone, and Noelle is the result of that belief. 

We are working closely with professional make up artists to always ensure the best choice for all of our customers, day or night looks, body painting, professional make-up, and- whatever makes you happy- we want to be part of your journey.

Our product assortment is growing all the time, and we are excited to build relationship with our customers by making sure everyone can find products from our pastel candy land and improve their beauty toolbox. Did you know everyone can find their perfect match with us? 

Community is everything and we want to be a part of yours, hence, spread the word and enthusiasm, and ask away! Or meet us on social networks, all the coolest and most relevant events and media channels! 

Spread love and make up!






Read our short manifesto and share with us your thoughts.
My body and my face are a framework in which I show myself — who I am, who I want to be, how I feel right now.
It's not about highlighting my physical beauty, my skin, or hiding my wrinkles or pimples. My beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is my choice to create it and to show it to the world.
Every day, every hour I choose who I am and who I want to become. That choice may not be what somebody expects from me, but somebody else is not me, and doesn’t share my hopes, flaws, feelings and thoughts, my pride, my experience, somebody else doesn’t have to fight and have courage to be me, or to be you.
You can change yourself into who you want to be, every day. So put on your colors and do it loud.
We love you to be yourself.  
You, yourself & Noelle