The Ultimate Spa Day at Home: Steps for Perfect Enjoyment Without Leaving Your Home

The Ultimate Spa Day at Home: Steps for Perfect Enjoyment Without Leaving Your Home

Nov 17, 2023Klara Banek

Both Self-Love and Self-Care


We all agree that sometimes we need a day off. From work, people, and even ourselves. From our thoughts and all the worries that surround us on a daily basis. Sometimes, in our busy rhythm, it's nearly impossible to find a moment to breathe and actually take some time for ourselves.

Another “problem” is that we often don't feel like leaving the house to have a day off, spa day, or whatever term you choose to use. The best thing in this case is, for a quality day for yourself, you actually don't even need to step out of the house.

Wondering how? Let us reveal to you a few handy tricks and ideas thanks to which your favorite spa day will be exactly as you make it. Meaning – absolutely perfect!


What is the first step in creating the perfect spa day?


The key to a successful spa day and quality rest lies in creating the right atmosphere. Before you indulge in pleasant baths, masks, and facial applicators, start your day by dimming the lights or using "warm" lighting to make the whole atmosphere immediately more comfortable.

You can also light a few scented candles that will definitely remind you of all those movies and commercials for spa centers that always make your eyes sparkle. You can also use a diffuser in which you put a few drops of your favorite essential oil, all to make the atmosphere just as you wish.



Choosing music is no less important


Yes, yes. Music is very important for every spa day. You surely know that every spa center plays soothing and somehow gentle music that encourages relaxation for everyone in the room. These are often relaxing melodies or ambient sounds that will automatically make you feel comfortable and have the need to close your eyes and say bye-bye to all your worries for a while.

You can choose a playlist on well-known music platforms or select music that is totally to your taste. The music you choose may or may not be the standard music we're used to hearing in spa centers; what's most important is that it's music that helps you relax and let go.

So, quickly find or compile your playlist and give yourself a chance to finally relax and recover from everything that's happening and affecting you.


What makes every spa experience special?


If your first answer to the question was “well, taking care of my mental and physical health” – we give you five plus! But, no, this time we didn’t mean that. To make your overall spa experience just like the one from some center, you can invest in a new and soft robe, but also a towel.

When you decide to have your day, don't limit yourself and pamper yourself as parents would do for their children. Enjoy good food, great atmosphere, excellent bath or shower, and simply mark spa day as a must-have day every month, and if necessary, more than once a month.


Movies taught us that spa day = good bath


We agree that no spa day can pass without a luxurious bath or relaxing shower. We would love to say that everyone can enjoy baths, but that's not the reality for those who don’t have a bathtub. However, the lack of a bathtub doesn't prevent you from experiencing an equally high-quality experience.


If you have a bathtub, make a warm bath and add bath salts for an extra touch of comfort. Immerse yourself in the soothing water and allow the stress to dissolve with the salts while you focus on the present moment.

Although the experience won't be the same as for those who have a bathtub, you can do something similar in the shower. Enjoy the warmth of the water and surrender to the pleasant scent of candles or essential oils, thanks to which you will feel as if all worries are going away as the water runs down your entire body.


No spa day should pass without facial care


Remember our next words – if you're doing a spa day, definitely don't forget to do quality facial care. Start with a face mask of your choice that you can make at home or buy in a drugstore. Then, take a roller or gua sha from the fridge and further introduce all the contents of the mask into your skin. Besides being super useful for your face, you'll enjoy it as if you're on the best massage in the world!


If you haven't already, in our previous blogs we've written about the ways of using rollers and gua sha, but also all the benefits you get from using them. If you really want your rest day to be truly cinematic, after massaging, put cucumber slices on your eyes and simply enjoy while the selected music and intoxicating scents take you to another dimension.


Skin exfoliation and body hydration as relaxation for body and mind



While in the bathtub or shower, we advise you to do a detailed skin scrub. There are so many different scrubs on the market with different functions, but just like the mask, you can make a scrub at home. Making a scrub is very simple and you need just a few ingredients, and you might even have fun in the whole process.

After masks, facial massage, and enjoying the water, it's time to nourish the skin with a moisturizing cream, body butter, or rich lotion. Apply them to the skin in sufficient quantity, so it’s not too much or too little, and enjoy the touch on your silky and soft skin.


What else can you do during your spa day?



Of course, there are still many things you can try while doing your spa day. You can use it for plucking and tidying unruly eyebrows that you can remove with tweezers, or do thorough hair care. From applying a mask, to washing with excellent shampoo and conditioner, to after-wash care.


For perfect hair care, don’t forget to try our brushes for detangling, thanks to which you will no longer have problems with tangled and unruly hair. Our brushes have an ergonomic handle which makes the combing process a real pleasure.



For mental relaxation, try meditation


Besides giving your body a break during the spa day, you must also take care of your mind. Completely immerse yourself and start with meditation so that your mind also has a chance to relax, and the connection between body and mind to be as good as possible.

Find a quiet and comfortable space, sit or lie down, and focus on your breathing. Allow your mind to release all worries or stress triggers and immerse yourself in the present moment. Think about everything that makes your life good and remember everything you've achieved in life.

If you need additional motivation and a guide for meditation, you can always try apps or videos made just for that purpose. Of course, you can meditate while lying in the bathtub or enjoying a shower, but you can also relax in bed, in a comfortable armchair, or in some favorite place that makes you happy.


Don't forget about hydration and nutrition


In our busy lives, we often forget how important it is to hydrate and eat well for normal functioning. Always have a liquid on hand during your spa day, whether your choice is water, herbal tea, or another beverage that relaxes and makes you happy.

Also, consider preparing a light and nutritious snack to enjoy. Like fruit, nuts, or a very tasty smoothie. Prepare all the food you love and simply make sure that spa day is a day in which you meet your needs and desires.


Spa day is a day when worries do not exist


If you decide to try all the steps we've mentioned so far, don't forget to try this one, one of the most important steps. It may seem impossible, but let your spa day be a day without electronic devices. So, no social media, browsing content just to fill the time, and nothing that doesn't help you feel better.

Turn off your phone, don't check your email, and resist the urge to see what people have posted on social media. Trust us, you'll feel much better after just one day without all that.


Use the time to think about life



As your spa day comes to an end, take a moment to think carefully about life. If it helps, take a notebook and a pen and write down all your emotions. The good and the bad. By keeping a journal, you give yourself the opportunity to completely and without fear of others “bare your soul”, and then one day come back and read everything written and remember your strength that made you move away from the bad place you were in.

What we want to convey with this blog is that it is normal and necessary to take time for yourself. You owe it to yourself and your mental health. The cool thing is that you don't have to spend a lot of money for a real spa experience, but you can do everything from your home where you feel most comfortable and most like yourself.

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