Fashion and Beauty Trends from the Runways

Fashion and Beauty Trends from the Runways

Feb 28, 2024Andrea Kljaić


As the curtains fell on New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for Fall/Winter 2024, the fashion scene once again proved its endless power of innovation and influence. With each new edition, NYFW sets new standards in the fashion world and reflects changes and aspirations of the society, while celebrating diversity and creativity. Every stitch, layer, and color told a story of passion, art, and innovations that push the boundaries of the known and open doors to new fashion dimensions. Fall/Winter 2024 will be a season celebrating diversity, innovation, and unlimited imagination.


Minimalism with Charm


Bright colors, high-quality, and transparent materials added a new dimension to classic minimalism. Dresses were the center of attention, presented in various shapes and styles - from those with thin straps to strapless, from monochromatic to sequin-covered, highlighting femininity and elegance. Designers like Carolina Herrera and Coach stood out, presenting dresses that break the usual molds, while trousers maintained their sophistication and comfort, setting new standards in creating everyday and evening wear.


The Return of Leather and Fur


Leather and fur, whether synthetic or natural, made a big comeback, mostly on coats or as details on jackets. Designers like Michael Kors and Eckhaus Latta stood out with their innovations, and black was the color that definitely dominated leather and fur pieces.


Red - The Color of Passion


Red stood out as the leading color, continuing its rise as the central color of the season. Designers Carolina Herrera and Prabal Gurung used red to add depth and dynamics to their collections, while Tommy Hilfiger used red in subtle details.


From left: LaQuan Smith, Sergio Hudson, Christian Cowan. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Transparency - In a Modern and Elegant Way


The trend of transparent clothing remains present. Designers Christian Cowan and Tory Burch presented pieces that reveal certain parts of the body through transparent materials, sending a message of confidence and courage.


Innovations in Texture and Color


NYFW was also a host to innovative approaches to texture and color. Metallic materials, from silver to metallic shades, gave the collections a futuristic charm. Orange was a surprising refreshment for fall, while office garments were decorated with chic tassels and embellishments.


From left: Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors Collection, Fforme. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

The Big Return of Bows


Bows have made a big comeback, from headbands to shoes, adorning clothing in a playful, and sometimes grandiose, way. Sandy Liang and Coach are just some of the designers who played with this element, proving that bows never really go out of fashion.


S lijeva na desno: Sandy Liang, Wiederhoeft, Coach. GETTY IMAGES

From left: Sandy Liang, Wiederhoeft, Coach. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES


NYFW for Fall/Winter 2024 offered a wide range of inspirations, from minimalist silhouettes and rich textures to vibrant colors and innovative details. These trends not only shape the future of fashion but also the way we approach personal style, encouraging us to experiment and play with fashion. As the world of fashion continues to evolve, it's clear that the next season will be filled with surprises, innovations, and of course, immense beauty.




After highlighting the biggest fashion trends from New York Fashion Week, we turn to the biggest potential makeup trends spotted on the runways. Soon you'll notice that it's not only fashion designers who set trends; makeup artists are also playing a key role in defining the visual identity of the season. This year's NYFW was a scene of exceptional beauty innovations, from dramatic lashes to sophisticated lips.


Dramatic 'Doll' Lashes


This season, the drama is served by the lashes. Performances varied from extreme interpretations inspired by '60s icons like Diane Ross, which included doll-worthy lashes, to more subtle variations that paid hommage to the sixties with a modern twist. Lashes were emphasized to the extent that they looked almost like works of art, while eyelids were gently covered in pastel shades.



Grunge Glamour


Wherever you direct your gaze at NYFW, you see black and bold eyes. The grunge look has been lurking around the makeup world for a while, and now it has firmly stepped onto every fashion runway, sending a strong message. It's time for bold makeup. This style was characterized by "lived-in," somewhat smudged, and greasy effects around the eyes, creating a look as if the makeup was worn overnight. The inspiration for this trend comes from various sources, including fashion illustrations and early '90s icons, resulting in a unique and recognizable style.



 Glass Skin


The fascination towards shiny, almost porcelain skin has not waned. The runways were dominated by high-gloss, 'juicy' looks that gave the impression of just stepping out of a sauna. This trend emphasizes the importance of skincare in creating a makeup base and uses special products to achieve a supernatural shine.



Dark Red Lips


For those craving attention-grabbing lips, dark red was the first choice. Inspired by British literary giants and London's '30s club scene, this lip color was paired with dark, smoky eyes, creating a dreamy, darkly romantic look.



Sunset Shades Lips


Lips reflecting the colors of the sunset attracted special attention. The combination of black pencil and metallic tones on the lips turned out to be an absolutely perfect pair, while some models wore subtler versions of this trend, using two shades for the upper and lower lip, inspired by sunset colors.


Glittery Eyeshadows


Instead of subtle shades on the eyelids, this season was marked by dramatic, glittery eyeshadows.


Natural Flush


Models at some shows wore a very natural look, with blush meant to display natural, flushed cheek color and lips that looked as if they were just kissed. This trend emphasizes the beauty of natural appearance, with discreet makeup that portrays freshness and youth.

Each of these trends in their own way not only reflects the aspirations and inspirations of the season but also confirms that makeup is much more than just an addition to fashion – it is a means of expression, a form of art that encourages us to explore and question the boundaries of our own creativity. Through colors, textures, and techniques, makeup artists on the fashion runways have shown us how the freedom of creative expression can be manifested on our faces, offering us inspiration to experiment with our own style and sense of beauty.

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