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This is how to make sure your makeup lasts long

This is how to make sure your makeup lasts long

Are you ready? Because we're about to hit you with some valuable tips.


Makeup is sometimes your most powerful support system. It helps you look put together and fresh. Like you're ready for all the challenges you face that day.


And because makeup is no longer just makeup to you (now it is your support system), you need to take care of it just like you take care of your skin care products or any other product you honestly love.


There is always this unwritten rule: You should always take care of the products you put directly on your skin.

And always remember, the condition of your makeup depends on how you take care of them and store them.

Pay special attention during the summer months and ensure that skincare and makeup products are not directly exposed to the sun.

There are a few simple tricks to properly care for your makeup. Remember, proper care of makeup products will also ensure that they last longer and are safe for your skin.

Wrong places to store makeup that affect the quality of the product

You must have heard at least once that you must keep products and cosmetics in dry and dark places. It may seem silly, but this is actually how you preserve your products and help them last longer.

Direct exposure to the sun adversely affects the products and is recommended for safety and quality reasons. Likewise, keeping makeup in the bathroom is also not recommended. The reason for this is heat and exposure to moisture, which can cause the appearance of mold and bacteria in palettes, sponges and brushes.

Improper makeup storage can affect the texture, quality, and, ultimately, the product's safety. Remember that you put skin care products and makeup on your face, and the products absorb and enter the skin. You risk reactions and long-term skin problems if you do not care enough about proper maintenance.

No idea where to keep your makeup? Here are some valuable tips


If you remember, we mentioned earlier that makeup and skincare products are best kept in dry and dark places where the products are not exposed to harmful influences.



A good start is to keep the products out of the sun and away from damp areas, but there are also concrete solutions.

It can be a place like a drawer in your bedroom or some chest or box that will serve as additional protection from moisture and similar harmful substances.


Also, it is recommended to use drawers and makeup organizers to store products.

Another possible solution for good makeup preservation is investing in beauty refrigerators.



They are cute and relaxed but also functional. Cold temperatures will prevent product oxidation, and it's great that you'll feel refreshed every morning when you apply your skincare and makeup products.


But if you don't buy any storage products and organizers, just ensure you don't expose your makeup to sunlight and moisture.


Keep in mind that just like the skin, the sun also affects the makeup during the summer and winter months. That's why, even when it's raining or snowing outside, don't leave your products near the window, at least not so that they are fully exposed and not hidden in a darker place in the room.


What else can you do to make your makeup last longer?

Besides keeping your makeup in the dark and dry place, you can do a few other things to ensure proper care of your products. It is about disinfection and cleaning products that we think too little about.


Of course, you won't wash your brushes and sponges after every makeup, mainly if you apply makeup daily. However, if you share the products with friends or family, you should wash them before using them on your face.

There are still no strict rules for how often you should wash brushes and sponges. However, most makeup artists and dermatologists agree that you should do it often. For some average, the period between every two weeks is taken, although you can wash them earlier if you think it is necessary.

Likewise, it is advisable to keep makeup tools and makeup separate and disinfect them before each use. This is excellent, especially if your brushes are sitting outside and exposed to dust. Then be sure to clean them well before cleaning so as not to cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

How does the sun affect the quality and safety of makeup?

In case we are not emphasizing enough, the sun mainly harms the quality and duration of makeup.

Exposure to the sun and high temperatures can cause the product formula to change. By this, we mean the change in texture and oxidation, which directly affects and reduces the product's shelf life. If you think about it, by improperly storing your makeup, you are also "wasting" the money you have spent, especially if you buy more expensive makeup products.


Dermatologists and makeup artists also recommend cleaning your products and brushes more often in the summer than during the rest of the year. Are you wondering why? In summer, the skin is stickier and sweats more, so the need to renew the makeup is more frequent, and thus the transfer of different oils that will be absorbed into the product is possible.

Therefore, if you want your makeup to be safe and last longer, do not leave it directly in the sun at the mercy of its rays.

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