How to be creative with your eyeliner?

How to be creative with your eyeliner?

Sep 14, 2022Klara Banek

Don't be afraid to try something new and test your creativity


Have you already seen a cool TikTok trend in which a filter randomly chooses the color and shape of an eyeliner that you must recreate and wear all day? Like most trends and challenges on social media, this one soon became popular among users who enthusiastically tried the unusual shapes. 


Whatever it lands on, I'm wearing it today - that's how you can describe this fun and creative challenge that pushes the boundaries of eyeliner application as we're used to. Colorful and unusual shapes make the filter special, and users are expected to try something new and have fun.

Check it out here.

Why is this trend so cool? 


The answer probably lies in the fact that this trend best shows how creative and imaginative makeup is. When we put on makeup, we go back to our childhood when everything was fun and cheerful, there were no rules, and everything made us happy. 


Makeup awakens our curiosity and encourages us to try colors and styles we would probably never want to wear. This is precisely what this trend enables us to do. To get out of our comfort zone and allow ourselves a little craziness, color and strangeness. 




Likewise, if you've watched at least one of these videos - and we're sure you have - you've seen the confidence people exuded after drawing the default eyeliner. The results were phenomenal, even if their recreation was not precisely the same. 


The good side of this trend is the positivity that has developed around it. If you take a closer look at the comments below the videos of this content, most of them received positive remarks that, just like makeup, have an effect on strengthening an individual's self-confidence. 


What does this trend show us? 


A positive change in people's mindsets and the desire to try new techniques are just some of the positive things we associate with this trend. In fact, it all boils down to using makeup, in this case, the shower, to emphasize our natural attributes and show another side of ourselves. 


When applying makeup, most of us play it safe and use techniques and products we are familiar with. We don't give ourselves the chance to take a little risk and play around, thus limiting ourselves from trying cool things that might suit us greatly. 


Therefore, give yourself a chance and awaken the artist in you. Take pencils or brushes in different colors and try to draw something. It doesn't matter if you fail the first time; the important thing is that you have fun in the process and try something new. 


If the only change you're willing to make is to play around with the eyeshadow and the rest of your face with subtle makeup, the difference will be huge, and the results will be unexpectedly good. 


Nevertheless, if you want to play with the eyeliner but are unsure how to do it, below, we bring you some valuable tricks to draw a simple and effective shower that will delight you. 


Why do we draw eyeliner? 


In the simplest terms, we use eyeliner to lengthen and enlarge our eyes. With it, we complete the entire look of makeup, and recently, as we have seen in the TikTok trend of the forum, it is to play with styles and colors. 


Nowadays, makeup lovers and artists are increasingly encouraged to try something new and move away from the standard black and simple eyeliner. It will probably never go out of fashion; it has become a classic style that we associate with elegance and periods such as the 1940s and 1950s. 


The eyeliner indeed makes every makeup better. Whether it's a smokey eye or soft tones, the shower will lift and change the whole look for the better. 


Of course, this all sounds great in theory, assuming we know what we're doing. Applying eyeliner is not easy; most often, it needs to be drawn repeatedly until we are satisfied with how the final result looks. 


How to choose the right eyeliner for you? 


When thinking about which eyeliner style to draw, makeup artists often advise that the choice of style adapts to the shape of the eye. The choice of style is not strictly prescribed, and it does not mean that people with large eyes should not draw a cat's eye, but certain types suit specific eye shapes better. 

Therefore, to choose which style suits you best, determine what your shape is and match the design of the shower. Of course, don't give up trying to recreate the styles from the TikTok trend because you might just like the yellow, red or purple lines on your eyes. 


Can't apply an eyeliner? No problem 


Drawing eyeliner is probably one of the most challenging actions many makeup lovers struggle with. The lines must be straight, precise and neat, and we often give up drawing because we are by no means satisfied with the results. 




Before you start drawing, you must know it won't work the first time. And that's ok. Practice makes perfect. If you are a beginner, you will probably find it easier to use a douche in a felt-tip pen, to begin with. These eyeliners are easier to handle, and when you gain enough confidence, you can start combining different liquid and gel eyeliners that will transform your makeup look. 


However, to make it even easier for you, we will guide you through just two steps to draw the most straightforward eyeliner: 


  1. Apply the shower by starting from the outer corner of the eyelid and moving the product towards the inside. Try to make a line so that the line is the thinnest in the inner part of the eye.
  2. After applying the eyeliner to the lids, make a flick - a line you draw outside the eyelid towards the upper part of the face. After removing the line, connect it with the previously drawn line from the first step and fill the interior.


Although black eyeliner is always in fashion, sometimes it's good to switch up the routine and try something different. Use your own ideas or if you don't have any, try a filter from TikTok and try to recreate one of the choices provided. If your attempt doesn't work, don't get discouraged and try again, and again, until you're satisfied with how it turned out. 


In this way, you invest time in yourself, learn new techniques that you can show off, and work on your self-confidence because even though you are "just" putting on makeup, you are actually working on yourself and encouraging yourself to never give up. 

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