Here are some ideas for the perfect summer hairstyle

Here are some ideas for the perfect summer hairstyle

Sep 01, 2022Klara Banek

Life is too short; improvise and discover your style

The new season also means a new hairstyle! It's the perfect time to change your style and try something new. Prepare your Pinterest boards; don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

During the summer, we want to spend as little time as possible on our hair and as much as possible sunbathing. That is why we always prefer to choose simple and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. The ideal mood is - wash and dry.

If you are one of those that don't find simple and easy chic enough, you have the opportunity to choose something fresh and new to show yourself in completely different colors!

The only rule for this year's summer hairstyles? No rules. Braids are back, the volume of the 70s is returning, and as for color - everything is allowed. If you're blonde, go red. If you're a brunette, it's time to turn blonde. Get a haircut, and be proud of your natural hair texture.


Here are the latest trends when it comes to hairstyles.


Bouncy blowouts




Ah, we are nostalgic. These hairstyles marked the 90s and look perfect in the ponytail because that's how we usually end the summer days. All you need for this hairstyle is a brush, texture mousse, and hair spray. Hi, volume!

Blond highlights




These almost imperceptible highlights won 2021, and the same mood continued this year. The perfect hairstyle for breaking a consistent color looks ideal after a few days in the sun.




If one color celebrated this year, it was that copper, almost red-hot color. An ideal move if you are blonde and want a significant change. This color emphasizes self-confidence and attracts attention.




Gigi Hadid once again reminded us that platinum blue is still one of the most sought-after colors. Perfect with lighter skin with freckles and blue or green eyes.

Sleek ponytail



The perfect ponytail has been an absolute banger for some time now! You can wear it on those days when you feel like your hair is unruly and you have no inspiration.

Natural curls



We love all colors, shapes and lengths, but the natural texture of hair with natural color is closest to our hearts. It is straightforward to maintain and does not have to be boring. Tan and happiness on your face are enough to make you shine with a hairstyle like this!




Kourtney proved once again why evergreen hairstyles are always green. Ideal for those who like simplicity and do not want to spend a lot of time on washing, drying and maintenance. It looks good in every occasion.




Who does this hairstyle not remind of the legendary Rachel from the Friends series? It takes us back to the old days, or better yet - the old days come back to us.

Space buns



Space buns are the answer to all problems when you need to be somewhere now and yet want to look chic. This fun hairstyle suits everyone.




Will we ever get bored? Probably not. They are perfect for days when you want something fast. They are a great way to soothe wild and thick hair.

No matter which hairstyle you choose, wear it in your own style. Let it be just your accessory that makes the whole feeling complete.

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