The biggest makeup trends in 2023

The biggest makeup trends in 2023

Mar 03, 2023Klara Banek

Goodbye to a complicated makeup routine; welcome simplicity!

With the beginning of every year in fashion, beauty and make-up, new trends come that we can't wait to try. This year, it seems, everything is slowly returning to the '90s and gentle, "clean" make-up in which the focus is placed on the healthy and natural appearance of the skin.

In the year ahead, makeup will be "lighter" but just as effective. There will be no lack of shine on the face, but the brightness will not be exaggerated, either. The most significant change will be seen in the eyes, which are at the center of attention this year, so if you want to try some of these trends, you may need a few more eyeshadow palettes. But, perhaps most importantly, make-up experts believe this year is the right time to embrace your face and skin if you look like a million dollars.

From "clean" skin, firm lips, natural shine, and bold eyebrows, these trends are waiting for you this year, which you may or may not try. The beauty of makeup is that it is individual and adaptable to everyone's needs. So, if you dare to try one of the trends we have highlighted, kudos to you, but if you prefer to do something of your own, enjoy what you are doing and keep doing it.
This year, less is more.

In the past few years, everything revolved around complete face coverage and not so much the "clean" makeup that makes it seem like we have almost no makeup on our faces. This year that changes; an era begins in which it is essential to put on makeup to appreciate our look and all its flaws and virtues.
We could almost say that this year we expect "fresh" make-up, one in which preference is given to a natural look, natural glow and general skin care. Regular and proper skincare has become almost inevitable in the hope that the skin and makeup look spectacular, even when we don't have many products on our faces.

This year, more creams, toners, and SFPs will be used to protect the skin and let it breathe, compared to matte creams and toners with a firmer texture. So, this year, lotions and make-up with light formulas will be used, giving the skin enough shine and coverage to have make-up on the face and yet not to wear too heavy products that prevent the look from "breathing.”

If you're a fan of bold lips, then this is your year



Lips will be more proactive than ever this year, and sometimes bold lips will be crucial to your look. One of the popular makeups should be a "clean" face, expressive lips and just enough trimmed eyelashes and eyebrows.
Also, experts expect that this year, it will be in the habit of using a slightly darker shade of lip pencil compared to the color of gloss or lipstick, all to give the lips a prettier look, that is, to make the lips look fuller in the end.

Although we all like different lips – some matte and some glossy- this is the year to wear vinyl lips. These lips have a final shiny touch and will look great on solid shades of red. The goal is to make up your lips so that they suit your face as much as possible, and which lip color you choose is entirely up to you and what you prefer.

For eye makeup, we're going back to the iconic '90s

In addition to bold lips, this year, we can also expect the return of the grunge style, which was popular in the 1990s. While some will enjoy the nude and "clean" look, others will dare to try intense mascara and different eyeliners that sometimes replace eye shadows.

This trend will be best used through shades of black, brown, or purple to achieve a casual look, which goes hand in hand with the already mentioned "clean" look, all to create a perfect balance between the colors on the face.



If you are unfamiliar with using a pencil, experts advise that a brush is the easiest way to spread it. Yes, it might not look perfect, but that's the goal! The whole point of grunge is to look better but to use products to make up the way that suits your face.

Eyebrows as your ultimate statement piece

Experts in the beauty world predict that eyebrows will peak in the next 12 months. This year, the eyebrows will be worn in a way that will show you best, whether lightened, dark, or skinny eyebrows, which, we admit, we are not looking forward to at all.

But, like everything else, eyebrows can (and should) be worn in a way that best suits the individual and in a way that that same individual is.

In addition, one of the trends we expect this year in the "world" of eyebrows is raised eyebrows, combed upwards and where you shorten or completely pluck the hairs at the very bottom of the eyebrows. With this technique, the eyebrows will look naturally raised.

Never enough natural glow

This year, everything revolves around the skin’s natural look, uniform makeup and self-care, and nothing less awaits us regarding blush and highlighters. This year, their primary purpose is only to additionally (not excessively) highlight your already existing beauty and give you a little shine to make your skin look even healthier.

Unlike the previous muscular pink cheeks, in the coming months, we can expect baby pink cheeks with cool tones that will give the face just the right color without the color being excessive and too aggressive. We can almost say that blush decided to be romantic pink this year! You can apply cream or stone blush so that your face has enough color to make your face and the rest of your makeup look even better.

On the other hand, highlighter is the primary and responsible "culprit" when we discuss the skin’s glow. In contrast to the previous highlighter application, we can expect a product application technique aimed at the temple and orbital bone instead of the cheeks this year.

This is the period where liquid highlighters will be more and more popular, but you can always go back to a rock highlighter if you don't like the liquid version. The best way to apply liquid highlighter is at room temperature because the final "finish" will be much better. First, put the product on your fingertips or palms, then apply it to the desired places. Then, gently press the product with your fingers or use a beauty tool like a brush or sponge.


Trends are excellent, but...

We like to try trends and all the new trends, but it is essential to remember that makeup and the way we apply makeup are individual, and it is not necessary to change it just because others need to do their makeup the same way. If you want to try trends, go ahead, and try everything you want - that's how you'll know best what you like on your skin.

But if you don't follow trends or refuse to change your routine, that's fine! Make-up is only there to emphasize your beauty, not completely change you. Remember, makeup is there to suit you and your needs! Do not agree to anything else.

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