How does makeup help with your mental health?

How does makeup help with your mental health?

Jan 31, 2023Andrea Kljaić

Just a few taps of your brush are enough to change your mood for the better


People wear makeup for different reasons. For some, daily makeup has become a routine; some wear makeup because they want to highlight certain parts of their face; some wear makeup because makeup makes them feel well-groomed. What all these people, as well as other makeup lovers, have in common is that they enjoy the process.


Whether you only wear makeup when you go out or makeup is part of your routine, it represents a time when you can completely relax and let go. The time when you use makeup to highlight your natural beauty and give yourself extra shine. You gave a dose of glamour.


Imagine the situation, you are listening to the music you like, there are lighted candles around you with your favorite fragrance, you are moving to the rhythm of the music and taking time for yourself and putting on your makeup. So who wouldn't feel good after that?


The examples we have given may be banal, and you may not be able to set aside every day to enjoy the process, but even just five minutes is enough to do your mental health a favor. If makeup is what makes you happy and helps you feel better, we encourage you to never stop wearing makeup.


Self-care has a long-term positive effect on mental health


You might not think about it, but you sure feel good when you take care of your skin and then put on makeup. In addition to taking time for yourself - which is excellent! – you are allowed to discover what you like, what suits your skin and what makes you feel like you.



Makeup allows you, if you want, to try something different every day that will make you feel great. Maybe you just push a daring look or wear an unusual shower that will completely transform the rest of your minimalist makeup. Makeup encourages you to be confident, dare to try new things, and feel like a star.


Even many experts and psychologists agree that self-care, including makeup, positively affects your mental health. One of the reasons is that the brain reacts to our actions. When you apply makeup, touching your skin helps release the hormone oxytocin.


The hormone oxytocin is located in the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland and is also known as the love hormone. Since hormones affect our mood and emotions, wearing makeup releases oxytocin, which makes the body and mind feel good and relaxed.


Don't forget the good feeling after you finish your makeup, and you look better than you imagined. Maybe great artists would disagree with us, but makeup is a kind of art. Almost even a therapeutic art in which you paint on your face instead of on the canvas.


Applying makeup helps to relax your body and mind and allows you to slow down and focus on yourself. Experts add that the body releases dopamine and the hormone of happiness after we finish applying makeup. And that's exactly why, because of all the good things it awakens in us, makeup boosts self-confidence, mood and the general opinion of ourselves.


However, you can also help your mental health by applying makeup in other ways. We will bring you several valuable examples.


Taking control


We all like to look good and choose carefully how we dress up. The control that makeup gives you is already visible in the selection of products that you will use on your face. It may seem unbelievable to you, but you can achieve a lot with small steps.


So, for example, at first, you will feel great that you have taken control of your makeup, so you will start applying this method in other parts of your life. Control over your decisions will boost your happiness because no one but you knows what is best for you and what makes you happy.


Taking care of your skin is really taking care of you


Daily, weekly or monthly routines are what makes us happy in life. Practices have become a favorite self-care technique to quickly do something good for yourself. Skincare and makeup bring happiness and satisfaction to us, and after we're done with makeup, we can't wait to show everyone how good we look.


By taking care of our skin, we also take care of potential irregularities that make us unhappy and that we want to get rid of forever. Makeup helps even with this problem. Some people, in fact, choose to wear it for this reason.



With makeup, you can cover up all the irregularities on your face. This concealment can be complete, and you can use just enough products to make you feel better in your skin. The goal of makeup is to satisfy your needs, whether heavy and heavy makeup or just minor touch-ups that do wonders for your mood.


Makeup helps you overcome challenges


No, makeup will not help you overcome your fear of heights or fear of falling, but it can help you overcome challenges within yourself. Maybe you've seen a trend on the internet that looks great on others, but you think it won't work for you, and you've never actually tried to recreate the look.


In this case, it will help you more willpower than makeup, but makeup will serve as an immediately available tool with which you can recreate the look the moment you decide to do so.


Makeup can also help in the fight against mental illnesses such as depression. Most people suffering from this disease often lack the motivation to do something good for themselves. That's why taking time for themselves and applying makeup helps them a lot so that they don't have to be anxious for at least a moment and can feel good in their skin.


Makeup encourages you to accept yourself as you are


Unlike people full of prejudices, there are no prejudices in the makeup world. Everyone can find something for themselves that will highlight their beauty and give them that dose of self-confidence they lacked.


Not only does the beauty world embrace diversity, but it also celebrates it. There is so much we can learn from each other if only we allow ourselves to believe in ourselves and show others who we really are. Using makeup, you can show how you feel; you can become your canvas and the most beautiful picture.



Don't forget makeup is there to highlight all your attributes and show you how beautiful you are on the outside, even when it's hard for you to believe it. If you're feeling bad, take out the palettes, choose the colors, prepare the brushes and let the hormones of happiness and satisfaction flood you.

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