Must-have makeup brushes

Must-have makeup brushes

Mar 17, 2023Klara Banek

Complete your collection with these must-have makeup tools!

Makeup brushes are essential to achieving a flawless look that will make you feel good and boost your confidence. However, the large selection of brushes and other tools on the market can make the shopping experience manageable to the point where you buy something.

Most people sometimes buy different sets that include brushes they don't even know the purpose of, so they use the same two brushes to apply makeup and experiment with the rest. Some still prefer to apply makeup with their fingers, which is fine if you’re doing simple daily makeup that doesn't require many applicators. However, we firmly believe that for a more professional look, you still need brushes, and today we will reveal and recommend brushes that will change how you apply makeup.


Why is it important to use brushes in the right places?

We've all experimented with brushes at least once (before we learned what each brush is for) and used them on any area of the face. If you're still doing this and it all seems "normal" to you, know that your makeup can look even better, all because you apply the brush to the designated area.

It's essential to remember that makeup brushes are specially designed to target specific parts of the face. Therefore, if you choose a brush that is too big or the wrong shape, you won't apply the product to the desired place or use it properly.
Therefore, owning and using the appropriate makeup tools can drastically affect your appearance after applying makeup. If you still don't believe us, apply your makeup as usual and then apply it "properly" and compare the photos. You'll see a significant difference in the result!

What types of brushes and brushes exist on the market?

In the beauty market, there are hundreds of brushes and brushes for makeup made from different materials and for other purposes. For example, there are brushes for powder, contour, highlighter, eyes, blush, lips, and concealer, and they differ in size, angle, and material they are made of.


Each of these brushes is specially made to fulfill a specific purpose and adapt to the face. That's why it's essential to inform yourself well and use the brush for what it's intended, so your satisfaction is also fulfilled.


Makeup brushes for the face include powder, contouring, highlighter, concealer, and blush. Additionally, some brushes are categorized based on the type of product you apply to your face, so if you prefer liquid foundation or powder foundation, choose a brush that is recommended based on your preferences.

When it comes to foundation brushes there are several types of brushes. These include flat brushes; kabuki brushes with a flat top, kabuki brushes with an angled tip, large fluffy brushes, stippling brushes, and oval face brushes.

However, the flat brush is the most popular brush for applying foundation in the makeup world. Due to its dense structure, a thicker part is mainly used for laying the liquid foundation. However, remember it may leave smudges, so you need another brush to perfect your foundation.

For example, apply your liquid foundation with our Brush for Liquid and Cream Base and in case the foundation is not spread evenly, use the Angled Brush for Liquid and Cream Foundation to achieve the desired look.




If you don't use liquid foundation, makeup enthusiasts usually use powder foundation. For this type of foundation, it is recommended to use a broad and soft brush that allows easy gliding on the face. In addition, these brushes adapt well to uneven surfaces and folds of the face.

For applying powder foundation, you can use an excellent Brush for Powder and Foundation Base: Base, Blush, and Bronzer; perfect everything with the Setting Brush for Powder, Mineral or Powder Foundation.



Contouring brushes are an essential part of the routine for those who want to emphasize or enhance certain facial features. Contouring can be done on the entire face or specific parts of the face, such as the chin and nose. When it comes to contouring brushes, synthetic fiber brushes are usually used because they do not absorb too much product.

Thinner brushes are most used to apply the product, and larger brushes are used for blending and shading to achieve the desired result. Several different brushes are used for contouring, such as a soft, thin brush, a fan-shaped brush, a thicker brush with a rounded tip, a wider brush with a slightly angled end, and a brush with a sharp edge. Some of these brushes can also be used for other purposes, such as applying powder or blush, which is an excellent solution for those who prefer having fewer brushes.

Although you can use a larger brush for contouring certain parts of the face, such as the nose, there are better solutions than a large brush. For contouring the nose, we recommend the Brush for Liquid and Cream Concealer and Cream Contours, which will easily apply and perfect the product on the skin.

However, larger brushes are more practical for contouring the face, but remember that brushes with angled tips are often a more practical solution in such situations. Brushes such as the Angled Brush for Blush and Contouring and the Angled Brush for Contouring will perfectly apply darker tones to define the facial features.



Highlight and Blush

Highlighter and blush have become essential in every makeup routine, giving us the shine and color to look like a million dollars. However, to achieve such a look, we must use products that allow us to do so.

Therefore, when choosing brushes for highlighter, look for brushes that apply enough shiny highlighter with a light touch without overdoing it. The goal of a highlighter brush is to accentuate smaller areas, which is why there are better options than larger brushes. The most common ones are fan-shaped brushes, along with flat but rounded brushes, and for narrower areas, such as the cheeks, an angled brush can also be used.

However, almost everyone thinks of a fan brush when the beauty world mentions highlighters. You can find such a brush here, the Highlighter, bronzer, blush and contour brush, and it will perfectly brighten your cheekbones and the tip of your nose. In addition, for narrower areas where you need to apply just enough shine, the ideal brush is the Highlighter, bronzer and blush brush, which will fulfill all your needs.


Although they are very similar and the same brush can often be used for multiple purposes (such as powder, blush, and highlighter), blush brushes differ slightly from other brushes. A good blush brush will naturally highlight your cheeks, making it seem like you are not even wearing makeup.

A blush brush has a rounded end and is much smaller than most brushes, so it fits perfectly on the cheeks. When applying it to the face, it is recommended to always start from the nose and move towards the outer part of the face, evenly using it in circular motions.

When choosing a blush brush, ensure the bristles are soft enough to make applying makeup comfortable and have precisely the amount of color needed on the cheeks. Brushes that will suit the face perfectly for applying blush are the Highlighter, bronzer and blush brush, with which you can easily apply color to a specific area.



Many will agree that we can apply almost all makeup products decently with our fingers, but not when it comes to eye makeup. Eye makeup requires several different brushes, each with its function. Some brushes will be used as a foundation brush for applying eyeshadow, others, and most often, a narrower brush for applying darker eyeshadow to specific parts of the eyelid, and a blending brush that is an essential tool for eye makeup.

A foundation brush for applying eyeshadow is usually a smaller brush with short but soft bristles that make it easier to apply as a base for other eyeshadows. Such is the Eyeshadow blending brush, which has a dual function, but we recommend using a brush designed for blending to achieve a perfect final effect.


For applying some darker shades, you will also need a narrower brush, such as our Eye brush for cream eyeliner and eyeshadow , with which you can perfectly apply shades that will enhance your eyes. You can also use this brush to apply eyeliner if you feel skilled enough and prefer that look.

Finally, to ensure that the colors on your eyes are perfectly uniform and applied, we have the blending brush and the blending brush with shorter bristles, which will make your eyes look like a professional did them.


A good brush is sometimes more important than the product itself.

We completely understand if you're not like others and don't like having dozens of different makeup brushes. Sometimes, it takes more time than you have available, and sometimes it's easier to use the same brush for multiple things.

Suppose you decide to invest in one of these brushes. In that case, we recommend researching which brush suits your needs and desires or buying a specific brush for a particular facial area - perfectly fine.

Most importantly, you use a good and quality brush on the area it's intended for so that the makeup looks precisely how you want it to. Remember, even though we sometimes have fantastic products, they will only be half as good if we use equally good brushes.

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