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How to find the ideal makeup brushes for applying foundation

How to find the ideal makeup brushes for applying foundation

The best "tool" for complete coverage


Make-up brushes are indispensable accessories and hardly anyone doesn’t have them in their make-up collection. Today, when we have a dozen of them in our cosmetic bag, we can hardly remember the time when we only had a brush or two. And what we’ll all agree on is that sometimes it’s a real skill to figure out which brush does what job. Multi-piece makeup sets are an excellent investment today. Besides being affordable, they are very practical. A set packed in this way helps us protect the brushes from dirt and dust, store them practically, and carry them on the road more easily. It’s, among other things, an ideal "tool" for applying foundation, so it’s important to know which brush is best for what you want to achieve. And of course, we recommend applying foundation with the help of brushes whenever you can, by applying the foundation in small, circular movements. Here are some instructions on which brush you should choose for what.


Veliki „pahuljasti“ kist (fluffy)




Riječ je o najboljem kistu za precizno nanošenje pudera. Zatvoreni vrh ovoga kista omogućit će vam preciznu pokrivenost na određenim područjima kojima biste trebali posvetiti malo više pažnje, a su područje oko nosa i očiju. Guste dlačice po kojima je ovaj kist prepoznatljiv izvrsno funkcioniraju s puderom bogate teksture i s njim ćete postići izuzetno glatku površinu na licu.


A large "fluffy" brush


This is the best brush for precisely applying foundation. The closed tip of this brush will allow you to provide precise coverage in certain areas that you should pay a little more attention to, such as the area around the nose and eyes. The thick hair that this brush is known for work great with the rich texture foundation and with it you’ll achieve an extremely smooth surface on the face.


Stippling brush


The soft, silky double hair brush will help you care for your skin while achieving ideal and full coverage. This brush is quite flexible or adaptable and you can use it for liquid or stone foundation.


Kabuki brush



The short, tightly packed bristles enclosed in the kabuki brush help with perfect coverage and application of liquid foundation. The shape of the brush will enable an even application of powder foundation, which can be applied with the help of a brush by "tapping" or small circular movements. This brush is not only perfect for applying foundation, but also for bronzer and blush.


Buffer brush


This foundation brush has a flat tip, making it the perfect brush for faster and easier application. Densely distributed hairs help to apply the foundation easily, and as a result, 100 per cent coverage and uniformity of complexion. There are no unwanted lines or irregularities on the face. Only the "imperceptible" texture of the base remains, which perfectly covered the irregularities.


Flat brush


This brush is best used for liquid or cream foundation, and it's important to note that it will give you flawless medium to full and heavy coverage. When using a flat brush, you should be careful how you spread the foundation, because you could very easily get marks that will outline your strokes with the brush, and be sure to pay attention to whether you have applied the foundation evenly. A flat brush is quite popular, so you will find it in the offer of many brands, but keep in mind that not all brushes are of the same quality, which means that their effect is different.


A small brush




A "tool" that corrects all the smallest irregularities on our face often comes in handy. Although the surface area is the smallest of the makeup brushes mentioned so far, this small brush has an extremely large and important task. It should help us cover dark circles and the areas around the eyes or around the nose. In addition to liquid or cream foundations, you can also use it to apply concealer.

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