Eyeshadows: How to use them according to your eye color [a guide]

Eyeshadows: How to use them according to your eye color [a guide]

Sep 01, 2022Marijeta Duvnjak

Eyeshadows are often our first contact with decorative cosmetics. Over the years, we learn to apply them more precisely and we prefer certain shades.


However, do you know what types of eyeshadows there are and how best to blend them?


In this short guide, you’ll find all the basic information about eyeshadows that you need to know.



Types and forms of eyeshadows


Different types and forms of eyeshadows are available on the market today. The ones you’ll use will depend on your preference, the type of your eyelit, and the situation you are in at the moment.


Pencil eyeshadows


Eye shadows in a pencil are extremely practical and easy to apply. Due to their creamy structure, they are especially recommended for those with dry eyelids.


For more intensity, simply apply more layers, just like with a classic eyeshadow.


Gel eyeshadows


Gel eyeshadows usually have a rich and intense colour that lasts throughout the day. They are also creamy and almost never spill on the eyelid.


Creamy eyeshadows


Creamy eyeshadows are extremely long-lasting and are easy to apply with a brush or even with your fingers. They’re intensely pigmented and do not spill into the creases of the eyelids.


Compact eyeshadows


Compact eyeshadows are what most people think of when you say eyeshadow. Powder, and shimmer or matte, this type continues to dominate the market due to its ease of application.


Different options in eyeshadow palettes


Eyeshadow palettes are one of the most cost-effective products in the make-up world. Although they have their shelf life, they are quite long-lasting and versatile.


In addition, they are ideal for combining different colours and offer numerous possibilities, and not only for the eye area.


How to apply eyeshadow correctly


Eye shadows tend to absorb and disperse, especially on an oily eyelid. That's why it's important to apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyelid before applying eyeshadow. If you don't have one, you can use concealer instead.


Apply the primer with a brush precisely and over the entire eyelid. When it dries after a few seconds, apply one or more eyeshadows and blend well with a blending brush.


How to choose an eyeshadow according to your eye colour?


Although the shade of the eyeshadow mostly depends on your preference, some shades still suit a certain eye colour better.


Eyeshadows for blue eyes


Blue eyes go great with earthy shades that make them stand out. Softer pink tones are also a great choice.


Eyeshadows for green eyes


Purple and reddish shades are especially suitable for green eyes. Play around with more or less intense shades.


Eyeshadows for brown eyes


Brown eyes like almost all shades and they all suit them well. However, if you really want to highlight your brown eyes, try purple or green eyeshadow.


Bonus tip: why it's a smart move to buy quality eyeshadow


Just as it's wise to invest in a good set of eye makeup brushes, a quality eyeshadow will further enhance your makeup.


Namely, high-quality eyeshadows are much more pigmented, more permanent and more intense. Less eyeshadow is needed for the same effect, so you save on the product.


Combined quality eyeshadow with a quality set of brushes like Noelle’s, your eyes will shine like stars.

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