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How to properly prepare the skin for makeup

How to properly prepare the skin for makeup

Makeup will look as good as you prepare for it


You can spend hours blending foundation, artistically applying eyeshadow and hitting the highlighter area perfectly, but all the effort falls into the void without a solid basis. In this case, it is the well-prepared skin.


Skin preparation is as important as your makeup technique and product. The makeup process does not only consist of applying makeup but also of preparing, applying and ultimately removing it.


Proper skin preparation makes a drastic difference in applying makeup and its appearance and duration. Makeup always adheres better to a face that is cleansed, refreshed and protected. It will last longer and you will always look neat and enviable.


Unprepared skin results in makeup looking dry, uneven and messy. It is also important to note that applying cosmetics on the skin that's not cleansed and prepared for makeup will result in acne and other skin problems.


To help you always look fresh and have clean skin, we'll give you precise, straightforward steps to avoid wasted effort and get a perfect makeup look.




First step: clean your face


We assume that this step is familiar to you. Your skin must be cleaned thoroughly from the previous day and makeup before the new makeup application. In addition to keeping your skin clean, it must be dry before putting anything on it. Using circular motions, gently rub your facial cleansing gel to remove all dirt and oil.


Second step: Peeling


Body skin is always so soft and nourished after peeling. The same goes for facial skin. Facial scrub removes old skin cells that have clogged your pores. If you suffer from dry skin, exfoliation can help alleviate dry areas of the face.


If you have sensitive skin, certain peels can irritate it. First, test the product on a small skin patch to ensure everything is okay.


After the skin is cleansed, apply the scrub to the damp face with your fingertips using gentle, circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water.


Third step: Toner


Okay, we assume you do the first steps, sometimes even the second, but when was the last time you used toner? This is often an overlooked step in preparing facial skin.


Toner helps soothe and protect the skin from various products you apply to the face, which are often heavy and don't allow the skin to breathe well.


The most effective way to apply toner is a few drops of the product on the pad. Gently go over the face, including your neck.


Fourth step: hydration


Don't skip this step. Generously apply a moisturizing serum to your entire face while your skin is still moist from toner application. This will help the product to be better absorbed into the skin. Then apply your favorite daytime cream.


Step 5: Primer


Each of the steps above are equally as important, but when it comes to makeup that has to last for the better part of the day, the essential step in preparation is primer.


It helps create a smooth canvas that is the perfect base for long-lasting foundation, blush, bronzer and other products applied directly to the skin.


Not one will suit everyone when it comes to the perfect type of primer. It is essential to adapt it to your skin type.


Choosing the type of primer according to your wanted makeup finish. If you want a natural finish, you will look for a type that brings just that. If you know that you will apply a more significant amount of foundation and have robust makeup, ensure that your primer is adapted to such makeup.


If you have dry skin, be sure to try a moisturizing primer.


Sixth step: lip preparation


No, it's not over yet. We left out one of the most beautiful features on your face. It is vital to show a little love to your lips as well. Dry lips do not go well with lipstick and can ruin the whole makeup, especially if you opt for a matte lipstick.


You can use a lip scrub and then apply a balm. While it's absorbing, put on makeup and leave lips for last. When it comes time to apply lipstick or gloss, your lips will be soft and velvety, and the lipstick will look great!


Helpful Hint: After the primer, it is imperative to apply the facial cleansing gel twice. First, use an oil-based gel to remove primer, foundation and other makeup, and then finalize the process with a foaming gel.


Now that your makeup looks better than ever, you must ensure everything stays that way. Our recommendation is to apply fixing spray. It will blend the makeup perfectly and give you that fresh and shiny look.


As with the example, different fixators bring you different results. If you still want a matte finish, you will choose a type with a powdery formula that perfects makeup, absorbs oil and minimizes shine.


After all these steps, you will feel a huge difference throughout the day. You won't even notice the makeup on your face, nothing will itch or bother you, and you won't feel the weight of the makeup after a couple of hours.

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