How to take care of your makeup brushes in the right way

How to take care of your makeup brushes in the right way

Sep 01, 2022Marijeta Duvnjak

This step is crucial in your routine and even more important for your skin!


Makeup brushes, along with sponges, enviably affect the quality of makeup and are a vital tool in applying it. We love them because they do a great job, but dislike doing that one thing - cleaning them.


Although such a task may seem tedious and confusing, it is an essential detail in your skincare routine. Note that skincare will never be a cliché and is always trending if you’ve been wondering.


Talking about trends, it’s becoming more and more popular to wear makeup but look like not wearing any at all. Yes, it is confusing but we’re here for it.  The point is to apply foundation so lightly to emphasize natural skin texture. The best examples of such makeup looks were presented during this year’s Met Gala.








The burning question is: how can my skin look so shiny and nurtured? The first step you would think of is investing in products that we apply directly to the skin, buying more expensive foundation,  or updating your skincare routine. There’s one thing you forgot to put on your to-do list, though - cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges.


It has been scientifically proven that all makeup products develop bacteria, and the brushes we use to apply that specific product are at high risk of developing fungal infections and other skin problems. Conclusion? Clean your makeup brushes.


In this article, we’ll go over how often you have to clean them and when it’s the perfect time to just throw them away and buy new ones.


How often do you need to clean your makeup brushes?


There is no typical answer to this question, but experts agree on one thing; it should be done often. It’s best to wash them as soon as you see traces of the product, and it is ideal to do this every two weeks.


Legendary Bobbi Brown states that she cleans her makeup brushes once a week because they are used on skin and must be clean. Skincare should be your priority, see?


If you have a more professional makeup brush set and more options available, you don’t have to wash them more than once every two weeks, but if your set consists of a much smaller brush set, try to wash them once a week.


It is necessary to pay special attention to eyeshadow brushes since they are applied to more sensitive areas of your face. It is recommended to clean them twice a week.


Apart from the fact that washing makeup brushes is extremely important for beautiful and healthy skin, clean makeup brushes significantly affect the blending process and application in general. A clean and well-taken care of makeup brushes will provide you with a smooth and flawless makeup look. Also, regular maintenance improves the quality of the brushes and helps them last even longer.


Best products to use?


The cleaning process is really simple. We recommend using a silicone brush cleaner and a gentle soap (plain soap can dry out the hair on the brush, especially if they are made of natural hair).



How to properly clean makeup brushes?


You can watch the whole cleaning process in the short video below. Routine  consists of just a few steps:

  1. Place the silicone cleaner on your palm
  2. Add warm water and gently lather the soap on it
  3. Place the brushes under the water jet and, with gentle, circular motions, run the brushes over the surface of the cleaner
  4. Always point the brushes vertically, hair down
  5. Squeeze the brush from the root to the top
  6. Dry your hair with gentle towel movements, still holding it upright
  7. Leave them to dry completely





    What about makeup sponges?


    The average duration of makeup sponges is three to four months. During this period, it is important to wash them once a week as sponges can have accumulations of skin cells, along with all other bacteria.

    You wash them in the same way as you do with brushes, but in a little more detail and longer, since they absorb larger amounts of products.


    When to say goodbye to your makeup brushes?


    When you start noticing that they are losing shape, hair is falling out or it is damaged, it’s time to say farewell. Damaged and worn brushes will only worsen the look of your makeup and make it harder to apply. We’re all about being snatched here!


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