How to choose the perfect blush and apply it correctly [a complete guide]

How to choose the perfect blush and apply it correctly [a complete guide]

Sep 01, 2022Marijeta Duvnjak

Blush is one of the final and most important steps when applying to make up. And with good reason.


Properly applied blush refreshes your entire look and creates a healthier-looking tan.


However, most people don't know how to apply it properly, so they completely exclude it from their routine.


In this short guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the types and proper application of blush.




Prepare the skin before applying blush


The downside of blush is that it can emphasize skin imperfections such as rough texture. This is why it's necessary to prepare your skin before applying it. This goes for any make-up product.

Clean your face with your favourite cleansing gel and hydrate it to minimize visible pores and wrinkles.


How to choose the type of blush depending on the skin type?


There are two types of blush, powder (stone) and liquid. Although the common notion is that the choice between the two types of blush depends on the season, this doesn't have to be true.


The type of blush depends mostly on your skin type.


Oily and combination skin


Because of the oilier parts of the face and larger pores that are characteristic of oily and combination skin, it is recommended to use liquid, creamy blushes that give the face a dewy look.


Dry skin


Dry skin, on the other hand, will not be happy with liquid blush because it will only highlight the dry appearance of the face after it dries on the cheeks. For dry skin, choose powder blushes that will smooth out wrinkles.



How to apply blush according to the shape of your face


What applies to all face shapes is that blush should look as natural as possible.


However, when applying it, it is important to consider the structure of the face and adjust the blush accordingly.


Round face


A round face already has highlighted cheekbones, so there is no need to emphasize them too much. To apply the blush in the right place, just smile and apply the blush in the most prominent places with short brush strokes.


Oval face


With an oval face, blush should be applied in uniform movements from the most prominent parts of the cheekbones to the upper part of the ear, and then slightly to the temples.


Heart-shaped face


A heart-shaped face likes more blush but be careful not to overdo it. Apply a larger amount of blush on the cheeks and gradually reduce the amount with the brush as you go towards the temples.


Square face


A square face will enjoy blush the most when you gently blend it along the entire length of the cheekbones with a blush brush.


Bonus tips: a few blush tricks you'll want to know


Here are some tips on how to apply blush even easier.


How to apply liquid blush correctly?


Before applying liquid blush, experts recommend that you warm it on the back of your hand and only then apply it with your hand or a brush in light movements along the cheekbones.


How to apply powder blush?


When applying powder blush, be sure to shake off any excess from your brush before applying it to the cheeks. The brush must be flat or medium-sized. Keep in mind that it's not too large, as this reduces the precision with which you can apply the blush.


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