5 biggest mistakes when applying mascara

5 biggest mistakes when applying mascara

Jan 20, 2023Klara Banek

Prepare to master your makeup routine

Mascara is one of the most popular products in the makeup world. It's so simple, yet it can completely change your look. It doesn't matter if it's a complete glam look or minimal makeup; mascara is the one that gives a special touch and completes the whole look.

Mascara can lengthen and define eyelashes, highlight their color, or increase their volume. Suppose you're the type who always reaches for mascara rather than eyelash extensions. These tips will be more than helpful because applying mascara correctly will give you the best possible look. Mascara is a reasonably simple make- up product, but there are a few cute tricks that can make your life easier and make you fall in love with the magic of mascara all over again.

By misapplying mascara, the final look will be the opposite of what you want, and you won't be able to avoid the pain that mascara brings with it. We all know the story - spots on the eyelids, "peeled" eyelashes and excess product on the eyelashes. From the desired look, we end up with eyelashes like from nightmares.


Now you can find out if you are among those who mishandle mascara. We have put together five common mistakes you can make when applying mascara, which can significantly affect the final look.

What mistakes do we encounter when it comes to mascara?

Although it may seem that mascara needs to be simplified to mess up, think again. We often make mistakes without even realizing it, precisely because we are convinced that mascara is so simple.

We all have different eyelashes that require additional mascara preparation. Some are curly and short, some are curly and long, some are only long and straight, and some are short and straight. Each of these forms is graceful in its way, but what is universal for all of them is eyelash curlers. Although it may seem to you that it is enough to press the curler once, this is not true.

It is recommended to press the curler four to five times to curl the eyelashes properly, and it is not recommended to use the curler after applying mascara.


Likewise, we must touch on that taboo topic - sleeping with makeup on your face. We can't stress enough how damaging it can be to your face, but we see it as an obligation to your skin.

Pay special attention to the area around the eyes. Before going to bed, be sure to remove your makeup altogether and remove even the slightest trace of mascara from your eyelashes. Removing eye makeup is essential because it can lead to more wrinkles, dark pattern circles and clogged pores.

Before diving into the five most common mistakes when applying mascara, we'll point out that you always ensure that your mascara has been open for a long time or has yet to expire. It may seem that using old makeup products does not harm you but remember that all these products have their expiration date for a reason.

The five most common mistakes when applying mascara that almost everyone makes

Like it or not, from time to time, it happens that we make a mistake while applying makeup. It is often entirely unconscious because we often arrange ourselves in a crowd, but we should pay attention to such things. Therefore, the next time you apply mascara to your eyelashes, remember these five mistakes we have highlighted below.

Leaving excess mascara on the applicator

As we mentioned earlier, these types of mistakes usually happen in a hurry. However, you may think that it is OK that you have more mascara than necessary on the brush, but there is a reason why it is recommended to remove the excess product.

When you remove the mascara applicator or brush, you should wipe it with a tissue and remove excess product before applying it to your eyelashes. By doing this, your lashes will stand straight and separate and not be glued together as they can be after too much mascara. To try this helpful trick, gently run the brush over the tissue and apply mascara!

Excessive "pushing" of the brush into the mascara package

When it comes to mascara mistakes, this is one of the most common. We make this mistake of getting as much product on the applicator as possible, and if you remember from our first example, you don't need too much product to have amazing eyelashes.

However, when we make this mistake, we help the mascara to dry much faster because, with this process, air constantly enters the tube and cannot get out. If there is not much product on the brush lately, it is time for a new mascara. On the other hand, if you see a product in the tube that has dried up, add a few drops of castor oil to renew the mascara.

P.S. Castor oil is a great friend in eyelash care.

The amount of mascara on the eyelashes is not evenly applied and distributed

Just like any other product, mascara also requires a certain amount of time. Please don't rush when applying mascara; just put it only so that there is something on the eyelashes. Invest a little time, spread the product gently on each eyelash, and enjoy your eyelashes as if from a beauty salon.

Also, be careful to put only a little mascara on the eyelashes because the eyelashes, and then the eyes, will look uneven, and you will not achieve the look you are aiming for.

Using expired mascara

Whether it's mascara or any other make- up product, don't use it if it's expired. This "rule" applies especially when it comes to mascara. If you use expired mascara, you risk destroying your eyelashes and putting yourself at risk of conjunctivitis.

Mascaras usually have a shelf life of three to six months, and when that period passes, it is best to throw them away and start using a new one to avoid endangering your health. One of the indicators that the mascara is not good is an evil and unusual smell. If it seems to you that the mascara smells strange, it is better to throw it away and replace it with a new and safe one.

Using an eyelash curler after applying mascara

Although an eyelash curler is not a mandatory tool in eyelash makeup, almost everyone likes to use it. It has many advantages, and in the end, you end up with beautiful and curled eyelashes. Some will say that the curler should be used before mascara, but this is only the case for some.

Some people like to use a curler after applying mascara, but this is a big mistake. Those who do this are unaware that they risk damaging their eyelashes. However, if you insist on using the curler after applying mascara, then at least wait a while to dry completely on the eyelashes.

And that's it! (Don't) follow these five golden rules of applying mascara and enjoy a fresh look. We leave the choice of mascara up to you and your needs, but we always advise you to do what you like and want with makeup because it is only a tool with which you present yourself and not a way to hide from the world.

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