5 sweet romance novels that are a must-read this season

5 sweet romance novels that are a must-read this season

Sep 01, 2022Marijeta Duvnjak

Perfect books for mindless relaxation


George RR Martin says a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, and a person who does not read lives only one.


Books bound us for different reasons, unique to everyone. Some of us love the feel of a book in our hands and its smell. For some, the book is an escape from reality. Someone loves the power of the written word, the ability to completely transform into another person while reading and living at least one of those thousand lives.


Art comes in various forms, one of them being a book. Active readers will say that there is nothing that can entertain, educate, enrich and inspire them more than a book. It can almost be said that books feed and complement them.


We read what we love and not all genres suit everyone. Romance is lemonade for some and a favorite for others. Many like to get stuck in a tense thriller, while others discover horror mysteries.


If you like romance books or read a different genre and are looking for something to relax after a hard day, these recommendations are for you.

1. The Love Hypothesis


The story of a false relationship between two scientists who feel an irresistible attraction that will throw all their carefully arranged theories into the breeze.


Olive breaks up with a boyfriend she never loved and notices that her best friend has sympathy for her ex-boyfriend. To prove to her that she had moved on, Olive kissed the first man she met and asked him to start a fake relationship.


Throughout the drama and chaos, the two seemingly innocent strangers slowly realize that a random kiss was the best thing that could have happened to them.


2. People We Meet on Vacation


Poppy and Alex have been best friends since their student days. They are entirely different, but that doesn't stop them from understanding each other. Since they live far away, they only see each other during the holidays.


Due to an unexpected conflict, the best friends haven't seen each other for two years, and Poppy now wants one vacation to fix everything. The last time she was truly happy was with Alex.


Poppy only has a week to fix everything when he unexpectedly agrees to vacation. During that famous week, all cards were put on a table and all the truths were finally revealed.


The love for the two of them is just beginning.

3. The Spanish Love Deception


A book that has delighted every lover of romance novels and a definite banger in recent months are books with fake relationship plots. There is something irresistible in complete strangers convinced that this is just another situation in their lives and an agreement that will soon end.


Just like Catalina and Aaron. Catalina's sister is getting married, and because she's pressured by her family, she has agreed to bring her boyfriend to the wedding. The only problem is that he doesn't exist.


Lost and in a panic, swallowing her pride, she asks a fateful question to her biggest rival: Do you want to go to Spain as my fake boyfriend?


Aaron suddenly agrees and their magical story begins. The perfect novel for laughter and good feeling.


4. The Unhoneymooners


Olive is unhappy in everything, while her twin sister seems to have all the luck in the world. She is happily in love and preparing for the wedding, and all Olive wants is to lock herself in a room and live her unhappy life.


Worst of all, the best man at the wedding is her biggest enemy, Ethan.


Convinced that she is under bad luck, Olive cannot believe that her sister's wedding has become an absolute fiasco. Everyone was poisoned by food except her and Ethan. Is that really being lucky?


Now they are both forced to go together on her sister's honeymoon. Putting their anger aside, Olive and Ethan set out for Hawaii on one condition - they must avoid each other.


But one mistake that Olive makes will disrupt their plans and introduce them to the most beautiful story of their lives.

5. The Kiss Quotient


An encouraging, fun and all-encompassing story in which we fall in love with an economist and an escort hired to teach her everything about modern dating and love life.


Stella disappointed in love and utterly sure that she is the problem, hires escort Michale to help her understand what it is all about. Michael wants things to stay under control and their engagement to be purely professional, but when their chemistry merges, reason disappears.


Through their inspirational story, we learn the much more profound problems of Stella's life and about Michael's insecurities that make them vulnerable and ready for someone to truly love them.


This book has an important lesson - you must first love yourself to truly love others.



With this list of positive and straightforward books, you will be able to relax after a hard day. They are perfect for moments when you want to be inspired and motivated by beautiful thoughts. Each book has a happy ending, but we cannot guarantee that you will not cry with happiness or sweetness.


Who else can't resist a beautiful love story?




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