Stop hiding behind your make up

Stop hiding behind your make up

Jan 06, 2023Klara Banek

Your colours don’t come from makeup; they are you



What do you say when they ask you why you wear makeup? Do you feel more confident and beautiful? Do you think you are worth more, that you are easier to look at and that you look like you have everything under control? If your answer is anything but "Because I want to," let us show you where you're wrong.


An American study showed that most respondents only like to see their faces with makeup. The first thing they do in the morning after waking up is tidy up and beautify their faces, all to cover up their "flaws" and look more serious or composed. The study also showed that the respondents often do not use makeup to emphasize their natural attributes but to suppress them and change the way they look.

The bottom line is this - for many, makeup affects how they feel and whether their day will be good. They adapt to trends and products. They erase themselves and draw again in the notebook of society, expectations, and rules.

You are afraid of accidentally crossing the line because you will look funny, and everyone will look at you. You won't take too many risks; you’ll take the eyeshadow that suits your eye colour. Even though you like that one shade, it doesn't go well with your complexion. It doesn't accentuate your eyes.


Makeup is just one of your layers; it doesn't define you

That initial idea that makeup is for "beautification" has long since fallen into despair because makeup has outgrown itself from pinching the cheeks to exhausting routines to piling makeup in drawers. After all, we must keep up with the significant trends and innovations.

We were overwhelmed by a great wave of the need to fit into moulds that were not built for us and into ideals that should not be relevant to anyone.

Instead of makeup representing a new way of expression and strengthening creativity, it is now just a tool with which we cover imperfections and strive for some inexplicable beauty. Hiding behind makeup, instead of wearing it with pride and a hint of ourselves and our creativity, we hide and love ourselves less and less.

You make the rules

Do you sometimes ask yourself, "Well, who says it has to be that way?". Why can't you combine one eye shadow colour with another? Why doesn't intense lipstick go with a strong eyeshadow? Why does the contour have to be so specific and the highlighter right on the cheekbones, nose, and forehead?

It's all up to you because you are the person with the brush in your hand, not the other way around. Your face is the canvas, the brush is your tool, and the makeup is your colour.


Why do we even wear makeup?

The reason someone wears or doesn't wear makeup differs and depends on the individual. Some people refuse to wear makeup because they don't want to go through the whole process and invest time in grooming, and they feel comfortable enough in their skin that they don't need makeup.

On the other hand, contrary to the opinion of the majority, a large part of the population that chooses to wear makeup does not wear makeup because they feel insecure. Some people love wearing makeup, the process, and those 10 or 20 minutes in which they give themselves a treatment that makes them happy.

Some people like to wear makeup at work because it makes them feel prepared, neat, and professional. While wearing makeup, we feel better because we like colours, shapes, and experimentation.

We love trying out different online trends and seeing how shades of red, pink and neutrals look on us. How we look with or without eyelashes, and which shower suits us best for that day. Makeup is fun and a great way to feel great in your skin and still invest some time in yourself.

Does makeup boost your confidence level?

The answer to this question leads us to why someone wears makeup in the first place. Most people would answer this question by saying that makeup does not boost self-confidence but affects a good mood, making us feel better and, ultimately, more self-confident.

Makeup exists to help us emphasize the attributes we are proud of, which only makes us feel confident, but makeup doesn't make us feel secure. The creative process only helps us to strengthen that self-confidence.

If you wonder where self-confidence "hides,” look for it in your attitude, look, smile, or non-verbal communication. Self-confident people exude confidence in their entire body, not just their face, which may be wearing makeup.

We wear make-up to emphasize on the outside how we feel on the inside. We wear it to highlight our attributes; we wear it to be confident with style. Makeup is our best friend in self-expression.

Makeup does not hide your flaws; it highlights your uniqueness

We want to think that all those who use make-up for the "wrong" reasons will stop using make-up in which they do not emphasize all the peculiarities, but we are aware that the reality is different. But we also know that feeling good about yourself and all your imperfections takes time. Sometimes it's months, and sometimes it's years.

However, most of us, with age and growing up, reach a stage in life when we feel comfortable in our skin, and if we wear makeup, we wear makeup so that we use makeup as a tool to emphasize our natural beauty. It may seem that that time will not come or is coming slowly, but when it does, you will know that we were right.

We play with makeup, dream, try different things, and discover what looks good on us and with which colours and techniques we highlight our natural glow. Makeup is not a means by which anyone should hide; quite the opposite - makeup is a means by which we should reveal the best and "worst" of ourselves. Only by combining these elements can we achieve the true purpose of makeup.

Remember, apart from the visual change that most often has a positive effect, makeup has a positive impact on mental health because the time you wear make-up is yours alone. It is when you take care of yourself, your skin, and your appearance. Make-up emphasizes your personality, the raw and honest, yet beautiful - use it.

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