Mar 08, 2021Marijeta Duvnjak

The first step in the make-up process is to apply the foundation and powder as a base. It can be just one type of liquid foundation or a combination that best suits your skin type.

 There are cover foundations of different textures, such as lighter liquid, mousse, heavier matte and loose powder that is usually placed at the end of the powder application process. Find what fits your skin type by experimenting with different textures and brands.

If you want the foundation to stay on all day on your face, choose the one adapted to your skin type, for example, if you have oily skin, keep the foundation oil-free and use more powders, and if your skin is dry and sesnsitive, choose the water-based ones.

If you have dry facial skin, it would be advisable to nourish it well with a nourishing cream before applying the base, as highlighted in the previous chapter.

If you have a greasy skin type, it would be advisable to avoid creamy foundations and stick coverage as they could contribute to highlighting the extra shine and skin imperfections. Stone powder is best for this skin type. This texture will additionally absorb fat, and your face will look matte or smoothed!

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