Mar 08, 2021Marijeta Duvnjak

Since the skin is the main indicator of the general condition of the body, it often becomes problematic in accordance with the lifestyle - a period of poor nutrition, hormonal irregularities, urban city gas, stress from a hectic lifestyle and similar can cause skin irregularities.

 Unfortunately, problematic skin often comes in combination with excessive dryness or oiliness, so choosing a foundation for these types is very delicate.

In the case of rather problematic skin complexion, it is desirable to use dermatologically tested foundation available in pharmacies, and recommended by a doctor. Such products contain  salicylic acid in smaller percentages, which helps to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin and prevents clogging of the pores.

Foundations are great for concealing imperfections and correcting the entire facial skin, as well as for providing a fresh look.

Our skin is especially sensitive in the winter, when low temperatures and cold winds leave their mark on it. By applying a heavy base we do not contribute to the protection of the skin, but to make its current condition worse.

Light liquid foundations are an ideal solution when it comes to covering the occasional irregularity on the face and at the same time remain gentle on it.

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