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An excellent choice for applying liquid foundation are our brushes 01 and 02, which are specially made for applying a good base without irritating the skin or leaving traces and hair.

Put on powder, for example, with a brush 22, which is intended for applying lighter foundations and blushes, and apply it only on the T-zone, spreading the foundation outwards.

In addition to powder, many people use a concealer in their make-up routine to conceal minor imperfections such as pimples, freckles or dark circles. For darker imperfections, always choose a concealer with pink tones - it will best suit lighter skin color.

On the other side, a concealer with an orange-yellow shade helps best with darker skin color. Facial skin will look fresher if you choose only a shade or two lighter concealer than your skin color. You can apply it with our smaller, precise brushes 06, 08 and 11.

See tips on how to properly nourish your facial skin:

  1. Spread a thicker layer of a mask on your face and neck
  2. Relax and leave the mask on until it absorbs into your skin for 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Now rub your fingers lightly over your face with gentle movements
  4. Place your thumbs where the eyebrows are ending. Put your indeks finger on the spot between your eyes and make a smaller pressure. Massage in circular movements in that place and enjoy the relaxation.

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