Mar 11, 2021Klara Banek

If you want to emphasize the features of your face as clearly and precisely as possible, be sure to try the contouring technique.

It is obtained by drawing sharp, darker lines along the chin on both sides, below the cheekbones, along the edges of the nose and at the top of the forehead. Drawing lines can be done with several different Noelle brushes such as the brush 23, specially designed to blend the drawn lines into a tan and gently, but clearly, accentuate the main points of the face.

To blend the darker contouring lines with the rest of the brighter face in a subtle way, it is enough to dab the product patiently with a brush until the lines stop being so sharp and drawn.

Another good choice of brushes for contouring the brush 04, whose bristles are densely spaced and tapering at the tip to accurately and precisely touch and lightly smear the drawn lines. In addition, our brush 21 from the Highlight & contour 5/1 set is great for applying bronzer contours, ideal for beginners in this technique.

These five brushes are perfectly adapted to any skin type, and can be used for products of any texture - from liquid foundation, stone powder, cream blush, eyeshadow and shimmer, liquid or solid highlighter, to creamy contouring palettes, and blending of all these products.

Photo credit: @nikolina_misetic

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