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Peeling is used for deep cleansing of the skin and pores in which impurities and dead skin cells accumulate. Facial peels give us great results such as fresh skin, better absorption of care products and a generally more beautiful complexion. When exfoliating regularly, make-up sits better on the face and the skin stays healthy.

Peeling is best done right now in the winter when you don’t spend that much time in the sun. Since exfoliation removes the surface layer of the skin, it is advisable to use SPF protection a few days later, regardless of whether there is sun outside or not.


A firm brush 21 is a perfect choice for applying the peeling.

Facial preparation is very important because the skin needs to be well refreshed before applying mak-eup to smooth it out and look even with make-up on. Otherwise, the pores will remain open and the make-up will "sit" badly.

Before you start applying base powders and contours, remember to apply a primer - this is another good trick for longer-lasting make-up! The primer will precisely smooth out pores and irregularities, and the liquid powder will blend very easily with your face.




When it comes to make-up, one of the biggest challenges is keeping it on our skin. Just remember how many times it happened to you that you applied your foundation like a real make-up expert with even better quality powder, but after only a few hours, your face looked like you never even put on make-up?

Applying primer before foundation will give the make-up a much longer lasting time. After a good preparation of the face comes the application of the base or application of foundation, concealer and contours. It is very important that the skin is hydrated and prepared before applying any make-up on the face. Primer gives the complexion of a radiant glow before applying make-up and provides a feeling of comfort and smoothness.


photo credits: @make_up_by_rafaela

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