The biggest makeup trends of autumn 2022

The biggest makeup trends of autumn 2022

Oct 21, 2022Klara Banek

The results are in: are you ready to master your glam?

Finally - yes, finally - autumn has arrived. The time of year when everything somehow becomes calmer, and we return to good old habits. It's the season of layered clothing, comfortable sweaters and neutral shades.

In addition to the change in the weather and how we dress, we also notice a difference in how we apply makeup.

After two years that we spent under protective masks due to the coronavirus, it's time for bold lipsticks and beautiful glosses to rule this fall and winter.

This cold season, we welcomed the return of the famous smokey eye with open arms, this time in combination with solid lipstick for contrast.

This season is all about you and using makeup to show your attitude and feelings. In addition to statement lipsticks and the return of smokey eyes, we expect some other favorite makeup trends that you may have already tried this autumn. If you haven't, definitely try them.

Time to welcome graphic eyeliner

Although black eyeliner will remain a classic that will never stop being trendy, this fall and winter, it's time to try something new and different. It is a graphic eyeliner that has made makeup lovers worldwide crazy and has been trendy in the last few months. By applying vivid graphic eyeliner, you will complete any makeup and outfit.

graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner is just one of several fantastic solutions this autumn if you want one part of your makeup to stand out more than others. With the graphic eyeliner, everything revolves around unusual but precise lines and different colors, so the eyes stand out.

The shapes created using graphic eyeliner are very creative, and lately, we often see them worn by many celebrities, especially influencers and makeup artists, on social media. It should be noted that graphic eyeliner follows or "breaks" the shape of the eye, leaving gaps and elongating the line in its inner corner. With this technique, the new fold of the eye is outlined, and the results look unusual, fun and different - everything we want this season.

Great advice: try applying it in combination with neon colors. It gives you an additional WOW effect with a dose of playfulness and imagination.

If you still need the incentive to use something out of your comfort zone, at least try a graphic shower at home because you never know. You might like it. And then, when you dare enough to try and wear a graphic eyeliner in public, you can wear it on all occasions with the certainty that your look will be one of the best.

Bold lips and smokey eyes? Why not?

In recent years, the so-called "clean girl" aesthetic has been encouraged in the makeup world, where everything is somehow minimalist, and it's as if we don't have any makeup on our faces. This year, we can finally (if we want) say "goodbye" to that look and deal with the fiery combination of tamer eyes and bold lips.

This combination that was especially popular in the 1990s is now back, and we can't wait to try it. Do completely dark or slightly lighter smokey eye, and then use a bright and daring lip color that will make the whole look too good. However, this year the smokey eye is a little less defined than what we are used to seeing in photos from the '90s.

With a smokey eye, there's no need to put on false eyelashes because the whole look will be somewhat exaggerated, and you've already achieved the WOW effect with a combination of eyeshadow and lipstick.

Play with styles and create a daring look that will bring out the best in you!

This autumn, we will also apply blush a little differently

You must have noticed that blush has been a must-have part of every makeup for the past few years. We apply it to add some color to our everyday makeup. This fall, it's time for a more intense blush, which can best be described as when we look like we've gotten a little sunburned and are left with rosy cheeks.

Some makeup artists believe that blush could become the focal point of autumn makeup, worn in pronounced pink and coral shades on the center of the cheeks or high on the cheekbones. When applying, the so-called strobing technique is often used, which gives a transition from a darker to a lighter blush and somewhat replaces contouring.

However, as the days get colder and we approach winter on the calendar, more and more brick, peach and terracotta colors will be worn on the cheeks, which will try to imitate tanned summer skin with a hint of redness from lying too long in the sun.

This trend became popular on TikTok, and in addition to the cheeks, various makeup lovers started applying blush on the nose to achieve that effect of tanned skin.

Night luxe aesthetic

We believe that you have all watched it by now, and if you haven't, at least heard about the popular TV show Euphoria.

In addition to "chaining" the viewers to the TV screens due to the drama and content, it also attracted part of the audience due to many clothing and makeup inspirations.

Thus, the TV show's popularity, glitters, and metallic makeup will dominate the whole face this autumn. With Euphoria, the so-called Night luxe aesthetic was created, which puts in the foreground blurred night photos, glitter and the use of crystals on the eyes to elevate the overall look.

Wearing sequins will significantly elevate the look during night outs, and elegant black combinations complement and make it more fun. You can also combine sequins with graphic eyeliner; make sure that the variety of shine, colors and shapes isn't too crazy.

Makeup artists point out that glitter will go best this autumn with a smokey eye, red lipstick and cat eye.

Skincare is crucial in achieving any makeup look

After listing some of the biggest trends for the autumn and winter, we need to remind ourselves of one key thing in achieving any desired look.

A skincare routine is essential every day, especially during the rainy and cold months when the skin is dry and sensitive.

In some situations, it will be enough for you to do good skincare, add colors to your eyelids, put on some great lipstick, and be ready for the rest of the day. With this method, the so-called clean girl aesthetic, which has been popular in recent months, is still present, encouraging natural makeup that only emphasizes the beauty of the individual.

Use skincare and makeup products that are good for your skin, hydrate and nourish it, and then enjoy glowing skin and a look that will make you feel better even on the rainiest days when you want to lie in bed eating popcorn while watching a great movie.

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