Noelle Pro 13/1 Set – Everything You Need to Know About Your Best Makeup Buddy

Noelle Pro 13/1 Set – Everything You Need to Know About Your Best Makeup Buddy

Oct 20, 2023Klara Banek

Everyone has a unique approach to makeup, embracing their style and flair. While some may choose to follow the techniques of renowned makeup artists, it's all about expressing oneself and feeling confident.


The right tools can elevate this experience. It's not about skill level; it's about having quality brushes that complement your artistry. With this in mind, we created the Noelle Pro 13/1 set, designed for everyone who loves makeup, from those just starting their journey to seasoned professionals.



In collaboration with skilled makeup artists, our set of 13 premium brushes provides everything necessary to enhance your makeup application. This collection ensures precision and perfection in every stroke, from time-tested favorites to innovative multifunctional brushes.


Why Do We Love This Professional Makeup Brush Set?


It's really simple – with this brilliant set, you can do your makeup like a pro, whether in the comfort of your home, car, or anywhere else you choose, all with the help of 13 unique brushes.


Our brushes are made of high-quality materials and feel so soft that you won't want to stop using them. For an even better experience, we've made ergonomic handles to ensure a comfortable grip for more precise application.



Another great feature? All our brushes are vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals. Yes, we know it sounds fantastic, but wait until you see all the brushes in this must-have set!


What's Inside Your New Favorite Set?


As the set's name implies, it contains thirteen brushes covering everything from the base to the tiniest detail, ensuring you look just the way you want. But which brushes are we talking about? Let's dive in.



Foundation Brush


Every makeup enthusiast knows that everything starts with a good base. A perfectly set and flawless foundation is the key to lasting makeup. Apply or set your powder with this large, soft brush, whether loose or compact. For liquid formulas, try the brush we describe next.


Liquid Formula Brush


This brush has a slightly different shape from the foundation brush, but its density makes it perfect for applying creamy and liquid foundations.


Multifunctional Powder Brush


We all love versatile tools, and our multifunctional brush is no different. Popular among makeup artists, it's your go-to for applying powder, blush, or highlighter.


Precision Cream Product Brush


Small but mighty, this brush is ideal for accurately applying liquid bases, contouring, and blending any creamy product.



Multifunctional Cream and Liquid Brush


If you try this set, you'll love all the brushes, but you'll adore this one! Use it for serums, concealers, foundations, contouring, etc.


Blending Brush


Perfectly sized for applying eyeshadow and blending it.


Smudging Brush


Our Smudge brush is essential for the perfect smokey eye and other creative looks.


Small Blending and Concealer Brush


Blend eyeshadows or apply concealers in hard-to-reach areas.


Blending Brush for Special Small Details


Perfect for blending eyeshadows or highlighting inner eye corners.


Smokey Eye Brush


Achieve the perfect smokey eye or highlight cheekbones with this brush.



Eyebrow Brush


Use this brush to fill in or completely transform your brows lightly.


Precision Eye Product Brush


Blend eyeshadows in your eyes' outer or inner corners with this small, precise brush.


Lip Brush


The last brush in our set. Use it for a precise lip application, filling in brows, or covering blemishes.


We're excited for you to try this multifunctional set that will assist you in every makeup challenge and discovery. Enjoy the process, and think about your following makeup look!

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