Fall Make up Favorites: Dive into Seasonal Trends with our Ambassador Inspiration!

Fall Make up Favorites: Dive into Seasonal Trends with our Ambassador Inspiration!

Oct 05, 2023Klara Banek

Embracing Autumn Elegance


With the change of season, the time has come for a change in makeup styles and trends. It's time to change your light summer makeup and add warm and pleasant autumn vibes to your makeup routine. Autumn is a season that offers a rich palette of colors, from deep dark reds to neutral earth tones, and these changes can be found in your autumn makeup routine.


We will reveal a few of this season's favorites for autumn makeup, which you can always change and adapt to your personal preferences. In addition, we also apply makeup looks of our ambassadors that will further inspire you. So, get down to reading and discover what awaits you this fall in the makeup world!


What awaits you this season?


This season, there are many exciting styles and ideas that we can't wait to try, from the dominance of different shades of coffee, bright red lips, and beautiful autumn colors. And this fall, we still prefer minimal makeup that only emphasizes natural beauty and encourages us to be even more confident in ourselves.



But now, specifically, what makeup trends are waiting for us this fall?


Latte makeup


Although the latte makeup appeared as a big hit at the very end of summer, it will continue during the fall because it fits this season perfectly. Tones of light brown, both warmer and more relaxed, will now complement shades of cinnamon, espresso, chocolate, and caramel. But the assumption is that the latte will be slightly darker than the version we witnessed during the summer.


 Paula Zlokić / @p_p_makeup


From its matte summer version, we can expect more and more glitter in one's latte of makeup this autumn. This fall's best makeup look will combine your favorite latte makeup and glittery, almost glassy eyes.


 Dora Kišur / @dorasvanity


If you decide to try the latte makeup, remember to use bronzer. Thanks to the bronzer, you can turn effortless makeup into something beautiful and elegant. Bronzer will give you some color and help you "keep" your summer tan a little longer. Try this look if you still need to.


Glamorous grunge


The goth /grunge trend increasingly conquers the beauty scene with its dark and dramatic tones. In addition to its massive popularity on TikTok, this aesthetic is also increasingly popular on the catwalks. Darker and darker tones fit perfectly into this period of the year, which means that in some cases, you can use less bronzer and more pencil or eyeliner.


However, the assumption is that the beauty world will eventually switch to a gentle glam look, which primarily emphasizes the eyes and eyeliner/shower. Gothic glamor subtly interprets smokey eyes with rich shades of brown, gray, and black. Thick eyelashes in eyeliner will add a touch of sophistication and drama to any look.


 Nikolina Tukić / @nt__makeupartistry


Combining dark eye shadow or pencil in the inner eyelid with very matte lipstick is your go-to look when you want to knock everyone around you off their feet. However, so that everything is not too neat, smear the pencil on the lower eyelashes and dab the black cream eyeshadow on the eye with your fingers. This imperfection will give a sufficiently "messy" effect to create balance.


Minimal makeup


You know the saying that more or less is more? Well, that's precisely what awaits you this fall. This year, we are looking for balance in everything, including in the beauty world. This popular trend combines skincare and makeup, which we love and look forward to!


 Anita Habulan / @thisisanitah


Although the summer passed with the need for "airy" makeup, we are glad this trend did not leave with the high summer temperatures. Airy bases we applied with our fingers or only partially put on the face without full coverage remain in


When we talk about minimal makeup, we don't only mean tinted creams with a protective factor but also hybrids between highlighters and powders, as well as creamy correctors with a solid skincare base. These light formulas will leave an overall impression of naturalness and simultaneously put the lips or eyes in focus, which you can play with in so many different and fun ways.


Dramatic red lips


Sometimes, we wonder if there will ever be a season when red lips are out of fashion? And the answer is quite rightly no. Red lipstick is in trend every year, but this season, it will be somewhat different than what we are used to seeing.


 Sofija Bošković / @adamantems


So far, two trends have emerged that we can't wait to try. One is cherry cola lips, a dark red shade that almost resembles blood and goes with any dramatic look. If you don't know what we mean, cherry cola lips have a practically retro effect with a hint of brown or a metallic finish.


 Jovana Kostić / @callmekyo_


Another option is to line the lips to achieve a seductive look and the effect of kissed lips where there is just enough color on the lips as if someone has just applied lipstick. Remember, a good lipstick or gloss can completely change the look, so don't limit yourself and enjoy your dramatic red lips this autumn.


Shine, shine, and some more shine.


From the moment metallic colors began appearing more and more in fashion, it was clear that they would not be able to bypass the beauty world. The two most popular colors are undoubtedly the color of metal, but also the color of silver, which we have yet to see so often in the foreground in recent years.


You can incorporate metallic elements into your makeup routine this fall in several ways. You can add colors like silver, metallic, and gold to your glaze eyes and make a slightly more dramatic look. Of course, you can completely cover the entire eyelid with these colors. Still, by adding shine in the inner corner of the eye or in the form of a drawn shower, your final look will be worthy of a star on the red carpet.


Sofija Bošković / @adamantems


Also, an increasingly popular option is to apply eyeshadow to look like fairy dust. With this method, we don't see the color or the specific eyeshadow but only a gentle glow in the eye area where we applied the same eyeshadow. In addition, you can play around and add metallic elements in the form of a face applicator and play around with the look you want to achieve.


But the most important thing is that during each of these steps and trying out the trend, you have great fun and learn some new makeup techniques. Be that as it may, she constantly adjusts every step to herself and her needs because makeup is your best friend with which you only emphasize your beauty.

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