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Love Unfiltered: Celebrating Authenticity and Equality this Valentine's Day

Love Unfiltered: Celebrating Authenticity and Equality this Valentine's Day

Like beauty, love comes in various forms, and everyone deserves it, no matter who they are


Valentine's Day, a holiday dedicated to love, has roots that go all the way back to ancient Rome. The story begins with the legend of Saint Valentine, a Roman priest known for secretly marrying couples during Emperor Claudius II's marriage ban. Saint Valentine is considered the patron saint of lovers, a symbol of hope and comfort in times when love was forbidden.


Over the centuries, Valentine's Day has evolved and changed, becoming the global celebration of love we know today. However, now we have the opportunity to redefine Valentine's Day and expand our understanding of love in its many nuances. Valentine's Day should be a day when we accept all forms of love - from romantic love to love for friends, family, the world, and especially for oneself, which we often forget to nurture. It is a day that celebrates love in all its diverse and beautiful expressions.

In modern society, the concept of love without filters is becoming increasingly important. This means accepting oneself and others without prejudice, celebrating diversity and individuality. Love without filters is sincere and open, it does not judge or set conditions. It is love that supports, understands, and celebrates every unique individual.


Don't Change Valentine's Day, Change Love

We're used to thinking of Valentine's Day as a day dedicated to romantic love, a day for couples and those in love. However, we believe that the meaning of this day can be interpreted on a much deeper level, stepping outside the traditional expectations. This Valentine's Day, we invite you to turn to the love we often neglect and show too little. You have the opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms - love for friends, family, life, and most importantly, love for yourself. Valentine's Day is more than a celebration of romantic love; it is a day that has become a symbol of universal love and acceptance, a day when we celebrate love in all its diverse and beautiful expressions.



Self-Love is the Foundation of All True Love


One of the most important aspects of love without filters is self-love. This means valuing oneself, caring for one's well-being, and accepting one's flaws and virtues. Self-love is not selfishness; it is the foundation on which we build healthy relationships with others. When we love and accept ourselves, it becomes easier to love and accept others. When we created makeup brushes, we wanted you to boldly and strongly draw strokes on your face that celebrate freedom, love, diversity, and the belief that every person deserves the freedom to be their true, authentic self.


Show Love to Everyone, Now You Can

Modern digitalized society that moves quickly brings new challenges, but also opportunities for expressing love. In the era of social networks, love is often displayed through filters and idealized images, which can create unrealistic expectations. However, technology also allows us to maintain relationships on a distance, share our stories, and encounter different forms of love.

We encourage you to use these digital tools to create authentic connections and share your true feelings. Let every click, every post, and every like on social networks be a reflection of your authenticity and uniqueness.

Believe in love that transcends screen boundaries, love that permeates every interaction, whether online or offline.


Let your virtual connections be a reflection of the true love and acceptance that each of us carries within. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to show love to everyone - love that isn't afraid to show its true face, love that celebrates diversity, and love that builds bridges between hearts, regardless of distance.


Love Without Limits


Love is not just a feeling we have for others, but also a journey towards self-discovery. Through loving relationships, we learn about ourselves, our needs, desires, and boundaries. Love can inspire us to grow, change, and develop as individuals. In this process, it's important not to lose oneself, but to find a balance between giving and receiving love.

As Valentine's Day approaches, we invite you to truly think about love in your life. Consider the people you love, the ways you express love, and the importance of self-love. Let this Valentine's Day be a day when you celebrate love in all its forms - without filters, without limitations, sincerely and authentically. Every love is worth celebrating, and every heart deserves to be completely fulfilled.



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