Looking for perfect gifts for Christmas? Discover what's new in Noelle

Looking for perfect gifts for Christmas? Discover what's new in Noelle

Dec 15, 2023Klara Banek

Make the holidays cheerful for everyone you love, including yourself


At the beginning of December, we introduced several new products that have ideally complemented our collection. Among them are improved versions of our already known sets, as well as brand new products. Each novelty represents a carefully selected combination of makeup tools and skincare products.

With the arrival of the holidays, the new products serve as perfect inspiration for Christmas gifts. If you have makeup or skincare lovers among your loved ones, our range of new products is an ideal choice for giving this Christmas. Of course, while thinking about gifts for others, don't forget yourself - you deserve some holiday joy too.


Our recommendations for Christmas gifts

All-time favorite: Brushes and makeup sets


Before we dive into the novelties, we must recommend our all-time favorite makeup brushes. On the Noelle website, you can find individual makeup brushes or sets. The sets are varied and include all the brushes needed for a complete makeup look. Individual ones, for example, can be bought if you already have a gift in mind but need a few more details.

You'll notice that we have brushes in various colors – pastel and a bit more daring. The choice is yours. What actually makes them so popular is that they are made of high-quality materials, have ergonomic handles that make makeup application easy and comfortable, and best of all, they are vegan and animal-friendly.

With Noelle makeup brushes, your dear one will be able to create exactly the makeup look they want. All thanks to precisely shaped brushes that are great for creating fine lines and precise movements, as well as blending products so that everything looks coordinated.


New in: Puff & Cream makeup set



This set will be loved by all those who prefer to use makeup sponges during application. It includes a combination of medium and large sponges that are ideal for applying liquid foundations or creamy products, as well as for blending.

We've also included a powder puff, designed for setting makeup and a matte finish. Like the brushes, the sponges are made of high-quality material. They are latex-free, making them hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. The powder puff has a microfiber top and a silicone center, ensuring light and controlled application of powder makeup.


New in: Blend & Curl makeup set



This great set includes one large sponge, two medium-sized ones, and an eyelash curler. You know the sponges are made of high-quality material, and the curler is made of stainless steel that curls lashes without damaging them.
Blend & Curl can be an ideal addition to a gift that you think is “missing something.” It's cute but practical and useful.


New in: Skin Care Heaven set



We're perhaps most excited about this set because it hides completely new products in Noelle's offer. If you struggle with hair on your face and wet forearms during your skincare routine and washing up, and it all seems like mild chaos, this set is an absolute must-have.

It's about wash bands and a cosmetic hairband.

The band keeps hair away from the face, made of ultra-soft microfiber so you won't even feel it. The bands prevent water from running down your arms while washing. They are made of high-quality material that absorbs water and is very comfortable. The Skin Care Heaven set also contains a Gua Sha and a stainless steel facial roller.

A real little paradise for all loyal followers of skincare trends.


Don't forget the most important Christmas gift


We believe that everyone deserves moments of joy and beauty, regardless of differences in style, preferences, or lifestyle. So, while choosing gifts for your loved ones, keep in mind that every gift is an opportunity to spread love, understanding, and respect. Let this year's holidays be a time when we will all enjoy the richness of diversity that makes us unique.



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