How to Achieve Perfect Eyelashes with a Curler

How to Achieve Perfect Eyelashes with a Curler

Jun 09, 2023Klara Banek

Tips for Using an Eyelash Curler


We are all familiar with the saying that eyes are the mirror of the soul. They are often the first thing people notice about us, so we always love to groom them well so that we and others around us find our eyes beautiful and striking.

Eyes can be adorned in various ways, and in the world of makeup, this is usually achieved with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. In fact, you have complete freedom to decide how you'll groom yourself and whether you'll wear makeup at all, but you must agree that there is something special about beautifully curled eyelashes - even if you don't wear makeup.

When we have curled lashes, we feel great, look more beautiful to ourselves, and simply love the effect that lashes have on our overall look. Our eyes appear more prominent, and we look put together and ready for all the challenges. However, an eyelash curler is necessary to achieve such lashes. We know there are other ways to curl your lashes, but none will give you a finish like a curler designed to curl lashes.


An eyelash curler can completely transform the look of your eyelashes. Proper use of a curler can add volume, length, and a touch of drama to your lashes while at the same time "opening" your eyes and giving a beautiful final look.

While you have a rough idea of using an eyelash curler, you may be surprised to learn that most people don't correctly curl their lashes - or generally groom them. That's why we've decided to give you some valuable tips for the salon-like use of an eyelash curler.

What should you keep in mind before curling your lashes?

You should keep several things in mind before you start curling your lashes. They're simple but essential for prosperous and healthy curling that won't damage your lashes. To begin with, it's necessary to buy a quality eyelash curler. We know that sometimes the simplest solution is to buy the first curler you see but keep in mind that that curler may not be the best.

Considering the quality of the curler is essential because poor curlers can hurt the lash roots, damage them, and sometimes even pull out the lashes. So, to achieve a safe and effective result, find a quality curler to groom your lashes. Good curlers often have a flat rubber pad and a well-designed handle. Such a curler will ensure a uniform and gentle curl for your lashes without creasing or damage.


It's important to remember that you always, but always, have to use a clean eyelash curler! Always clean the curler before use because bacteria and makeup residue can accumulate on the surface, which can cause eye irritation or infection. Use mild soap and water to thoroughly clean the curler before and after each use.

Also, it's essential to regularly change the rubber pads on the curler. The rubber pads on the eyelash curler wear out over time and lose their elasticity. Replace the rubber pads every 3-4 months to ensure effective and safe use. Care of the curler is critical because it is a tool that you use in the eye area, which is particularly sensitive to dirt and bacteria.

How to Properly Curl Lashes that Will Hold Their Shape All Day?

Proper use of an eyelash curler can enhance the look of your lashes and highlight the beauty of your eyes. If you follow some of the tips we've singled out due to length constraints, you will surely achieve a salon-like effect that will make your lashes look stunning.


Start with Clean Lashes: Before using your eyelash curler, ensure your lashes are clean and dry. Mascara or other eye products can make the lashes stick to the curler, potentially causing breakage.



Heat Your Curler (Optional): For a more robust and longer-lasting curl, gently heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds. Be sure to test the temperature on your hand before you use it on your eyes.


Position Your Curler Correctly: Hold the curler in your dominant hand and open it wide. Looking straight ahead, position the curler at the base of your upper lashes. Be careful not to pinch your eyelid.


Curl Your Lashes: Once you have your curler in position, gently clamp down on your lashes and hold for a few seconds. Release the clamp, move the curler slightly up the lash, and then clamp down again. This will give your lashes a more natural, curved shape rather than a sharp crimp.


Repeat if Necessary: If you're unsatisfied with the first curl, you can repeat the process. Be gentle to avoid damage to your lashes.


Apply Mascara: Once your lashes are curled to your liking, you can apply mascara. The mascara will act like a "hairspray" for your lashes, helping to hold the curl. Use from the base to the tips to maximize the effect.


Bottom Lashes: While the focus is often on the top lashes, remember the bottom ones. While you won't curl them, a light coat of mascara can help to open up your eyes even more.


Remember, curling your lashes should never be painful. If you feel discomfort, stop and make sure you're not pinching your skin. And always keep your curler clean and in good repair for the best results and to prevent eye infections.

With these steps, you can now have beautifully curled lashes that stay in shape all day. Happy curling!

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