How to organize your workspace: Tips for productivity and inspiration

How to organize your workspace: Tips for productivity and inspiration

May 26, 2023Klara Banek

Efficient Workspace, Effective Results


It may not seem like it at first, but the space you work in dramatically affects how much work you do in a day. Most people function much better in an organized and orderly room without distractions from clutter and unwanted objects.


That's why, if you lack motivation lately and feel less productive while doing tasks, we revealed a few handy tips to help you make your workspace your greatest motivation and inspiration for work.


But you may wonder why it is essential to organize a workspace. The space you want to decorate can be of different sizes - from a large office to a small desk. Before you decide to arrange and organize something, you must know the purpose of that space. This means that you have to manage a place intended for work, focus and concentration, where you will accomplish and fulfill all the tasks you have to do.


In addition to that practical part, the workspace should also represent a place where you do something that fulfills you, encourages creativity and exploits your potential. In other words, an organized workspace affects the visible orderliness and the overall working atmosphere.


How to organize the workspace most simply?



Although it doesn't always seem like it, every space can be "tidied up" and organized. Sometimes an organization will take a long time (as well as patience), but any room can be turned into a true oasis and dream office.


When we question how to organize a space, experts often point out this simple process:


Sorting - in the workspace, most of the mess and disorganization is caused by many folders, papers and devices. Sometimes this is unavoidable, and too often, it affects motivation and productivity at work. Most of us have many things on the table and in the drawers that we don't even know what they are for, but we need to find the time or the will to sort them.


It is precisely because of these examples that sorting is an unavoidable first step in bringing order because this way, you detect the cause of the problem and categorize/get rid of things that are not in the intended place.


Eliminating - after sorting things and seeing everything in your workspace, it's time for many to take the most challenging step, identifying and separating redundant items. By separation, we mean the physical removal from the workspace (in the trash or other appropriate places) but also the emotional detachment, which is sometimes much more complicated than the physical one because, over time, we become attached to the things we own, even when we don't use them at all.


Assign a place - the third and last step is essential to maintain the introduced order in the future. It goes without saying that your workspace will only sometimes be perfect and sometimes a bit messier than you want, but that's normal. The introduced system for maintaining an organized space should be simple and logical, and by your habits and the type of work, you do.


Assign a place to items in the office in a meaningful way. For example, which things do you want in the immediate vicinity, and which things are further away if you don't use them often. When you organize the space, adapt it as much as possible to yourself and the tasks that await you so that you and the work will be more pleasant and efficient.


Three ideas for simple and efficient organization of the workspace


It takes little brainstorming and effort to turn a disorganized space into one you can't wait to work in. But remember that even the most logical and organized storage system will only be enough if you get into the habit of putting things back in their place.



You will need the discipline to create these habits, but you will feel good at the end of the day because you know that a neat and organized workspace will help you in the new working day. However, to help you further, we have selected several ideas for organizing any workspace straightforwardly and efficiently.


Put the things you use the most near your dominant hand


Whether it's a notebook, a ballpoint pen or a phone, put everything you use the most while working near your dominant hand. The reason is straightforward - simple is more practical. We all reach for things with our dominant hand, so logically, what we often use while working should be "within reach."


Just imagine that you are right-handed, and many things are on your left side, and you constantly have to shift your attention (and your hand) and unnecessarily complicate your life while trying to reach what you need. In addition to being tiring, it will also take away your time and sometimes your will to work.


Keep only what you need on your desk


In most cases, the problem of desk disorganization occurs precisely because we keep things on the desk that we do not need while doing work. Put water bottles, bags, various papers - whatever is not essential for your work, put it aside!


Try to think like a minimalist and limit yourself to one pen, notebook and the most essential things you need. None of us need too many chemicals at our desks because there's a good chance we'll waste half our time trying to find their lids and not doing what we need to do.


Put only what you need while working on the desk, and find a suitable place for all other items so that they are at hand when you need them. Also, if, like many others, you like to use planners, keep them on the desk as an addition and reminder of your organization, not just as an addition to brighten the office.


Make the space your own, but don't overdo it with things that can distract you


Of course, we all subordinate our workspaces to ourselves and make them our own, but this kind of organization should be approached consciously and thoughtfully. It is recommended to adjust your space to feel comfortable and work with more motivation, but it should be remembered that exaggeration with personal things can sometimes bring more harm than good.


So bring a cute little plant to your workspace that will refresh and enliven the space, a picture of your pet, partner or something that makes you happy, but keep those "distractions" away from the computer and the area you work on so that personal items don't really become distractions.



Feel free to consider this advice a reward after completing the task. Every time you make something, look at a photo, a plant or whatever is already in your office that is yours, you will immediately feel a little better, like us, and thus motivated to continue working.


Now all this sounds too complicated, and it seems you will not succeed in organizing the space, but we advise you to give yourself a chance and at least try. Follow the steps that we have written, and with desire and discipline, you will succeed in making your workspace a dream space that will awaken productivity and inspiration in you to successfully complete all, but absolutely all, tasks.

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