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Getting back into a routine after summer: tips for a stress-free return

Getting back into a routine after summer: tips for a stress-free return

Summer lethargy is natural, but don't give up


September is here, and we all agree it came too quickly. There is something about that summer and the sea, even if you don't like high temperatures or the sun. You are always bought by that incredible energy that accompanies the waves, the heat, the sand under your feet, and the cold cocktails. Everyone is relaxed, and everything is possible; no stress, expectations, or deadlines exist. Everyone put their lives "on hold " because the truth is, obligations can wait.


But now we have reached that deadline when the alarm rings for the last time, and you can no longer postpone it. Holidays and vacations are over, school has started, and we are all again faced with the challenge of returning to our usual routines. Whether you're returning to school, studying, or have a job waiting for you, getting back into a way can sometimes be quite tricky.


Which is normal; don't beat yourself up about it. Your mind and body were on a well-deserved rest, so it's logical that receiving a hundred and one new pieces of information a day, rushing from obligation to obligation, classes, lectures, and work can be stressful and challenging.


With the right strategies and mindset, this transition can be almost painless. That's why below we bring you exactly that: a few valuable tips that will help you get back into your routine without losing your nerves, energy, and mood every time you think about all the responsibilities that await you in the coming days and months.


To begin, think about your goals


Before you suddenly return to your routine, take some time and think about your goals and priorities for the days and months ahead. What do you want to achieve? Are there any new habits or improvements you want to introduce into your life?


Thinking about your goals can help you set a perspective and clear directions and motivate you to fulfill them. If it's easier for you, write down all your goals and look at them whenever you feel unmotivated and don't want to do anything.


Just take it easy, breathe deeply, and everything will be fine


One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to get back into their routine is trying to get back to everything at once. This only burdens you and creates unnecessary stress. So, instead of stressing yourself out, consider a gradual transition.


Start easy, introduce something new into your daily routine, and gradually add more actions. For example, start slowly if you want to return to daily exercise. Wait to force yourself to do long and intense training sessions, after which you cannot walk normally for a week.


Organization, organization, and organization


A well-structured schedule can be your best friend when returning to your routine. Write down all your daily tasks on paper, laptop, or cell phone, including work or school obligations, exercise, meals, and relaxation time.


A visual representation of your day will help you maintain the necessary organization and ensure that you set aside time for all the most critical activities. Remember to include some time for yourself in your schedule or planner because taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do.



When planning, set realistic expectations


We all sometimes just want to do too many things and set too many things we want to do, and then when we fail, we feel like a failure. That's why we want to point out how important it is to set realistic expectations, especially when you're getting back into your routine.


Accept that your productivity and efficiency may take time to be at the desired level, but also accept that this is entirely okay. Be patient with yourself and understand that there is always an adjustment period after a break.


Setting too ambitious goals can lead to frustration and burnout, so take small but sure steps.


The most important thing you have to do is take care of yourself


Taking care of your physical and mental health must always be your priority. Be sure to include activities such as a morning skincare routine, meditation, exercise, reading, or spending time with loved ones.




You will be surprised when you see how much, for example, setting aside just a few minutes for morning skincare will immediately improve your day. By taking care of your skin, you automatically take care of yourself, the way you see yourself, and your mental health, but you also allow yourself to relax and start your day just the way you want. The morning skincare routine is the perfect opportunity to try something new. We offer you Gua Sha and Roller for the Face. These two well-known skincare tools improve circulation and provide a relaxing experience.


Therefore, take all your products, from cleaning gels to creams, with a protective factor. Set aside the necessary time for yourself, turn on your favorite playlist, and enjoy your day. After that, feel free to dance, drink your favorite drink, and simply enjoy what you are doing.


Remember to sleep well enough


Quality sleep is crucial for your overall health, mood, and ability to adhere to routine. Make sure you get enough sleep each night, roughly between 7 and 9 hours. For more straightforward rest, you can use essential oils such as lavender, which you can release in a diffuser, or put a few drops on your pillowcase to make your sleep as good as possible. Establish a bedtime routine and create a sleep-friendly environment in your bedroom.



Leave room for some flexibility


While routine is essential, remaining flexible and adaptable is also important. Life often presents us with unexpected challenges and opportunities, so we should be ready to adjust our schedule depending on the need. Flexibility can reduce stress and make it easier to navigate through all the ups and downs that may await you in the day.


If something unpredictable happens, the most important thing is to get back on your feet and try to be smarter next time.


As hard as it is sometimes, remember organization


Being organized is critical to maintaining a successful routine. Use tools such as calendars, to-do lists, or applications on mobile phones that will help you stay up to date with all the tasks and activities that await you in the day. Regularly reviewing the schedule and occasional changes and adaptations are only part of what awaits you in the day, so just calm down and take it easy - everything will be okay.


Surround yourself with sound and motivating people


Share your goals and plans with a friend, family member, or colleague who holds you accountable. Having someone with whom you can share your problems and who will motivate and encourage you not to give up is invaluable and very important for your progress and, thus, your routine.


If no one comes to your mind, you can always join a group of people with similar interests to yours so you can share all your troubles and successes.


Find happiness in small victories


Celebrate all your achievements, no matter how small they may seem; acknowledging your progress and success can increase your confidence and motivation to keep working even harder towards your goals.


Whether completing a project at work, sticking to a fitness routine, or simply getting out of bed on time, every accomplishment counts.


Therefore, give yourself a high five daily, love yourself, take care, and be your biggest motivator.


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