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Blush is used in order to give the face a healthy colour, so when applied, it should not have sharp lines and be applied too intensely. Blending is an important aspect of good blush application: without invisible transitions you will find it difficult to achieve a completely natural and discreet look.

If you have an elongated face, you should put on a boomerang-shaped blush because it is the one that best suits a longer face. Make sure your hand movements are short and one-way, not circular, as that will give you an unnatural effect on your cheekbones.

If your face is closer to a round shape, you should take our brush 05 and apply the blush in a semicircle with it, taking care that it does not pass to the lower part of the cheekbone. This technique will achieve a more elongated shape of the face.

If your face has stronger  features and a more square shape, your blush should be applied more gently. It is advisable to put a darker blush next to the jawbone while avoiding the chin.

Short tip: apricot or pink are the best shades of blush for a lighter complexion, shades of purple for an olive complexion and darker pink or dark red for people with a darker complexion.

It is enough to pick up the product with a brush and apply it with light movements along the cheekbones. Be careful not to overdo it as you will look unnecessarily red in the daylight.

Photo credit: @nikolinatukic.makeupartistry

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