Mar 31, 2021Klara Banek

It is important to emphasize that a matte bronzer is a better choice than a glossy one to apply on the face. Glittery bronzer further emphasizes skin imperfections and enlarged pores, so it is better to use it to emphasize the shoulders, décolleté and collarbones.

To achieve an even and smoothly applied blush, brush 04 is useful, and you can also use the multi-purpose kabuki brush.

If you have already applied too much bronzer product, you can reduce its intensity by tapping the face where you applied it  with a clean sponge or liquid powder brush.

 If this trick doesn't help, you can always reach for a transparent powder that you will apply to the blush area and it will soften the sharpness a bit. If you use a cream bronzer or blush, you will reduce its intensity by applying a little foundation or concealer over it.

Bronzer can also be applied with blush brushes, and additionally brush 21, as it can be used for mild facial contouring. It gives an effect of a sun-kissed skin!

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