How to blend eyeshadow for the everyday look

Apr 21, 2023Klara Banek

Are you ready to learn how to blend eyeshadow like a pro? Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful look!

  1. Find the crease of your eye: Don't worry, everyone has one! Close your eyes half-way, then pull lightly up on your lid to locate it.

  2. Apply your base color: Use a color that complements your skin tone and eye color. Swipe the brush across the whole lid, following the crease as your upper boundary.

  3. Choose your second color: Pick a shade that is slightly darker than your base color. Rub your brush on a towel or paper towel before dipping it into your second shade to prevent color mixing.

  4. Apply the second color: Run the brush along the crease, starting at the outer corner of your eye. Make sure you apply this color evenly along the crease, but don't bring the color all the way down to the inner corner.

  5. Clean your brush: Rub the brush against a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any remaining makeup from the bristles.

  6. Blend the center of the lid: Make small circles with your brush, moving inward until you've reached the center of your eyelid. Mix the two colors gently with your circular brush motions.

  7. Blend the crease color: Move your brush back and forth across the crease of your eye like a windshield wiper, blending the color horizontally.

  8. Continue blending: Switch back and forth between blending the base color up with small, circular motions and blending the crease color down with sweeping back-and-forth motions until you can no longer see a stark distinction between the two colors.

  9. Check your makeup: Use a piece of Kleenex or a cotton swab to dab at excess eyeshadow if you've applied too much.

  10. Keep your brushes clean: Spritz your brush with a daily cleanser every time you use it, and give your brushes a deep cleaning with shampoo once a week. Clean brushes will result in a flawless blending effect!

Now you're ready to show off your beautifully blended eyeshadow!

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