Makeup brush set 7/1 Sugar Rush


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Say hello to the Sugar Rush makeup brush set, the
enchanting little sister to our beloved Candy set, so irresistibly sweet it'll make your tooth ache. Bursting with vibrant hues and sweet vibes, this set is designed to make your beauty routine delightful!

Every brush in the Sugar Rush set is meticulously
crafted to cater to your daily makeup needs. From dusting on powder and blending blush to sculpting bronzer, setting foundation, and perfecting eyeshadow – there’s a brush for every step, making your routine a breeze.

With the Sugar Rush brush set, your natural beauty
will shimmer, and your makeup looks will be effortlessly captivating. Add a touch of sweetness to your daily ritual and let your beauty routine become as easy and luscious!


You will get:

  • Makeup brush 1.1 Freshness on your face from now on every day – use powder on your face with this brush to take off excess shine. Without hesitation, apply a solid foundation or loose powder and take action!

  • Makeup brush 02 Yes, it’s true. The morning glow can last throughout the whole day. By combining this brush with light textures of liquidfoundations and creamy blushes, it's time to wake up the best version of your complexion.

  • Edge kabuki Introducing our versatile Edge kabuki brush, perfect for setting your undereye area in the blink of an eye. Its densely packed, soft hairs ensure a smooth and flawless application, while its unique shape is meant for reaching those tricky, hard-to-reach spots. Experience the magic of precision and softness combined in one essential brush.

  • Makeup brush 04 Playing with darker contour shades doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Sure, contouring is a jaw-dropping trend that needs some knowledge, but it’s way easier to get a natural-looking sculpted look with this fluffy know-it-all.

  • Makeup brush 10 If your makeup routine is on the blink, you'll be looking forward to seeing this beauty game changer. Fire up a never seen smokey eyes look with silky transitions and dramatic shades. Nothing can stop you

  • Makeup brush 10.2 Holders of creations are always the smallest details that you can now apply precisely on your face. Use this brush without hesitation - it will be great for applying makeup on eyelids or lips. In addition to being great for blending eyeshadows, you can use this brush to apply concealer in hard to reach areas. Apply concealer to smaller areas around the nose, mouth, into the dark area between the inner corner of the eye and the base of the nose and say goodbye to the dark circles.

  • Makeup brush 18.1 How awesome would be a brush with both ends usable? See it for yourself and let us know what you think! Play with this brush and find out what it can do for your eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids. Highlight the eyes with precise strokes and define the eyebrows to start the day with this tool you’ll want to find in your purse.


  • Create a complete look with this diverse brush set: from the finest of details to the broadest of finishes
  • The brushes are carefully crafted from high-quality materials
  • The hair is extremely soft & lush
  • The handles are ergonomic to provide a comfortable grip for easy application
  • The handles are wooden & the ferrules are metal
  • These brushes are vegan, cruelty-free & not tested on animals
  • Weight (bruto) - 250g
  • Weight (neto) - 200g
  • Lenght-200mm
  • Width - 200mm
  • Height - 40mm