Makeup sponges 3/1


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Three shapes in three colors for perfect application and blending of different makeup products. Soft, latex-free blenders are ideal for applying various liquid base textures and foundations to facial skin. Our practical sponges will transfer the product from its surface to your skin evenly, with minimal absorption.

You can use them to apply primers, foundations, concealers, eye shadows, cream blushes, bronzers and highlighters. Except perfect application of the products to the skin, the sponges show great results at blending stubborn contour lines. 

Find out what you can do with these soft makeup
sponges that come in cute pastel colors. Play with blenders and create a
new, different and irresistible look!



Medically tested

  • Our make-up experts recommend that the sponges be soaked and squeezed before usage in order to transfer the product to the skin more evenly with the most natural note possible.
  • With blenders, you can apply the products on the whole face,
    as well as on more delicate parts such as the area around the nose,
    when covering under-eye circles and irregularities, and with some
    make-up corrections.
  • Do not forget to regularly maintain your sponges by washing them of dried product and bacteria formed on the surface, unflattering for your skin.
  • These soft sponge blenders are perfect helpers in applying & blending liquid products: apply primers, foundation, concealer, or even blend contour lines
  • Three different shapes allow you to get the work done on all parts of the face
  • All sponges are latex free
  • Transfers products to the skin with minimal absorption into itself
  • Easy to clean: wash it with soap and water and squeeze & drain until the water is clear
  • Important tip: before use, soak the sponges & squeeze out access water to transfer the product more evenly
  • The products are vegan, cruelty-free & not tested on animals
  • Weight (bruto) - 46g
  • Weight (neto) - 22g
  • Lenght - 170mm
  • Height - 40mm