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What really matters? Perfect make-up skill? Perfect skin? Perfectly applied lipstick and skin that never shines except when you want it. Perfect hair? Perfect outfit? Being free from imposed boundaries of social media and the beauty industry? Maybe doing it your own way?

It's your decision. Whatever you want, whenever it suits you. It’s okay, really. All options are open. Because there are no rules, only opinions. You don't have to listen to them, it's up to us to listen to yours. We are here to celebrate you.



People who put on make-up every day. People who put on make-up only on Saturday. Or maybe just on Sunday. People with no filters. People without ideal conditions to achieve perceived perfection. People whose hands are shaky. People whose eyeliner is not symmetric. People who don’t let the opinion of others define them. People who wear their true colors.


You are all magic people (even if you are voodoo people we still won’t judge). People who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves. People who show up for themselves every day. People who wear their own colors however they want.

People who put on make-up in their own space, with their own light, who are getting ready for the day and the new challenge that follows. You are all a part of us. Our people.

With this campaign, we celebrate your self-expression. 



We celebrate our fantastic brand community with whom this campaign wouldn't be possible.

We believe that it’s truly important for everyone to be authentic and true to themselves. 

We do not force social expectations upon anyone or preach about being appropriate.



We are letting everyone decide for themselves who they want to be and how they feel when they are who they are. We as a brand have a role in encouraging that thought and supporting the action. We are making it our mission.


We love you to be yourself.