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Strength is in colors.

At the core of Noelle's existence lies authenticity - inspiring individuals to be themselves. Beauty often resides in the expression of emotions and feelings.

Guided by the belief that every face is an artistic canvas, the colors, textures, and lines we apply are used to express inner emotions and perspectives, thus creating true works of art - timeless, unique, and powerful.


Through a series of art paintings created in collaboration with visual artist Valentina Supanz Marinić, Noelle seeks to break away from imposed beauty standards and encourage questioning what true beauty is, and of course, one's personal expression of it.

What if we stopped perceiving people through their age, race, or gender? Does it really matter what colors we apply to our faces and do they signify our current inner state? Ultimately, the only thing that matters is how we feel. That the colors we paint on our skin - our canvas - are carried with our hearts because we do it for ourselves, not for others.


Indeed, beauty is not merely aesthetics; it is a feeling, an experience, a manifestation of what we carry within.

It is like a flame - strong, brave, untamed. No one should be able to impose it or define it. We are here to ignite it with bold strokes, like a spark hidden deep within each of us, ready to illuminate the world around us.
Boldly, in colors.