Cosmetic Hair Band


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Take control of your skincare routine with NOELLE Cosmetic Hair Band!

If you struggle with hair in your face during your washing and skincare routine, creating mild chaos, this must-have product was created just for you.

Our hair band is designed to be more than just an accessory. With its soft microfiber design, this hair band gently keeps hair away from the face and ensures that your skin remains clean and undisturbed during each step of your routine.

You'll fall in love with its texture, efficiency, and versatility. Whether you use it while washing, applying your favorite skin care products, or while creating the perfect makeup look, this cosmetic hair band is your reliable ally. Makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts adore the Noelle cosmetic hair band for its versatility and durability. Don't miss the opportunity to feel the difference for yourself.

  • 100% microfibre
  • Cruelty-free
  • Medically tested