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As with blush, it is important to pay attention to the shade of the highlighter in relation to the skin tone. It is best to apply gold and bronze shades on an olive complexion, light and pearl shades on a darker complexion, and pink and peach shades on an lighter skin complexion.

The routine of applying highlighter should be the last in the whole make-up process, before applying fixing spray as a means that will extend the life of your make-up.

With light semicircular movements apply thehighlighter on the cheekbones and cheeks above and along the bronzer or blush, and then in the middle of the chin, in the middle of the nose and on its tip, in the inner corners of the eyes, above the upper lip for a fuller look and slightly above the eyebrows.

Short tip: if you want to make your own home made highlighter, it's very easy! Take your favorite body oil like jojoba, almond or coconut and add a highlighter powder or some bright shimmery eyeshadow. Combine the crushed powder with the oil and shake the bottle in which you prepared it. Now your liquid illuminator is ready to use!

The glow of the highlighter on your face also depends on the light you are under. If you go on an evening out, feel free to apply more product, but if you will be in the strong sun, still pay attention to the amount of highlighter.

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