Eco-friendly hairbrush Purple Spiral


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You finally found the hairbrush of your dreams! Slightly bigger than its little sister Swirl, it still is easy to travel and perfect on the go. The bristles – flexible, but also sturdy – are specially designed to help untangle all types of hair, without doing any damage! The spiral shape of the base allows the brush to contour perfectly to the scalp and cover large areas. While you are detangling every knot, this brush is providing you with a scalp massage and improving your blood circulation!

In addition to being great for your hair and scalp, the brush is also kind to the environment! The brush base is made from specially processed cornstarch, while the bristles stand strong without the use of glue! Additionally, this method of production significantly reduces carbon emission. The brush is eco-friendly and recyclable!

Tip 1: Try it out on wet and dry hair and see what suits you best!

Tip 2: Us it as a scalp massager even if your hair is perfectly untangled!

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Cruelty-free
  • Medically tested