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Make up brush set 7/1 blue

199.90 HRK

Smaller selection of Noelle Pro brushes for those with a busy morning schedules but still enough time to emphasise your beauty for a day ahead.

1. Every well-equipped make up bag needs one big soft brush. Ideal for applying powder or setting the foundation that will make your face flawless.

2. Perfect for precise application of liquid, creamy foundations, contouring or blending any creamy products such as blush or highlighter. You will adore it for its multiple application options.

3. In addition to being great for blending eyeshadows, you can use this brush to apply concealer in hard to reach areas. Apply concealer to smaller areas around the nose, mouth, into the dark area between the inner corner of the eye and the root of the nose, and to the dark circles around the eyes.

4. Aplly your favourite eyeshadow colours with this brush, it's perfect for all textures, shimmer especially.

5. A proper smokey eyes effect doesn’t depend on chance but a good tool. This brush will help you blend all the shades perfectly and achieve that dramatic look. Also, it is a great choice for applying highlighter on your cheekbones.

6. Beauty is in details, such as perfectly blended eyeshadow, without sharp edges and highlighter applied to a small surface like the inner corner of the eye for the finishing touch. You can achieve all this with this brush.

7. Small but important brush for blending in corners of your eye, cause details are important.

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