Make up brush set NOELLE PRO 13/1

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1. Perfectly fixed and flawless foundation is the key to perfect and lasting make up. Apply or set powder with this large soft brush with light strokes.

2. Brush has the ideal hair density for applying creamy and liquid substrates. It will help you create the perfect base no matter what look you want to create.

3. A soft multifunctional brush, very popular with makeup artists, will help you express your creativity with blush, highlighter or powder foundation.

4. A small, powerful and infinitely functional brush perfect for precise application of liquid foundation, contouring or blending any cream product such as blush or highlighter.

5. A brush that can be used for everything, whether it's applying facial serum, concealer, foundation, contouring or highlighting. This one will be your ally every step of the way regardless of the look you want to create.

6. The size of this brush is ideal for applying eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, as well as for blending the eyeshadow in the eyelid fold. A few strokes are enough to soften the transitions between the shades and give you a seductive and penetrating gaze.

7. The Smudge Brush is an indispensable tool for both smokey eyes as well as for professional make up artists’ most demanding and creative looks. Its short hair will help blend eyeshadows or pencils and avoid sharp edges to get a more natural look.

8. In addition to being great for blending eyeshadows, you can use this brush to apply concealer in hard to reach areas. Apply concealer to smaller areas around the nose, mouth, into the dark area between the inner corner of the eye and the root of the nose, and to the dark circles of the eyes.

9. Beauty is in details, such as perfectly blended eyeshadow, without sharp edges and highlighter applied to a small surface like the inner corner of the eye for the finishing touch. You can achieve all this with this brush.

10. A proper smokey eyes effect doesn’t depend on chance but a good tool. This brush will help you blend all the shades perfectly and achieve that dramatic look. Also, it is a great choice for applying highlighter on your cheekbones.

11. Eyebrows frame the face and are also a matter of statement. Whether you want to achieve that "feathery" look and paint your eyebrows with gentle brush strokes, put an eyeliner, or blend your eyeliner for a smudge effect, this brush is the right way to do it.

12. Small and precise, ideal for blending an eyeshadow in the outer or inner corner of the eye.

13. For even more precise application of lipstick, this brush will help keep your lipstick in place. In addition, its precision of performance is ideal for lightly filling your eyebrows or covering that one persistant pimple that won’t go away.