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3 steps how to prepare your skin for the make-up

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3 steps how to prepare your skin for the make-up

Every good beauty routine starts with quality face preparation for the day. A good first step is to cleanse your face with a pad or cotton ball with some face tonic.


By including a tonic in your facial care routine, it is possible to solve the problem of dry and dehydrated skin, enlarged pores and skin imbalance. The tonic has its purpose, which is clearly visible with time and use - it regulates the pH levels of the skin, which are often determined and dependent on tap water, chlorine and minerals. In addition, it reduces visible pores because it gently and effectively removes accumulated oils in the pores and compensates for lost moisture in the skin. A tonic is an indispensable step in intensive facial care.

After removing the impurities created during the night, it is very important to nourish and hydrate the skin. You will achieve this by putting a nourishing cream or oil on your face. Apart from the fact that good skin preparation allows your make-up to look natural on your face, it also makes your make-up last longer.


Having a good face cream on the cosmetic shelf is something we all strive for when it comes to skin care, but finding a cream perfectly suitable for a certain skin type can be tricky. As the beauty world is creating a richer supply of products every day, and the formulas that enrich many beauty products are becoming more advanced, you can find nourishing face creams that, in addition to being great for daily application, will also be a great base for foundation.


Applying moisturizer before foundation is a golden rule that you should never give up, no matter how busy your everyday life is. The cream as such will take care of the flawless application of the liquid foundation, and after its application it is not necessary to wait for ten minutes as it is usually considered, but rather have the foundation instantly applied after the cream, while it is still not completely absorbed.

It would be ideal to sometimes include a facial peeling in the beauty routine, at least once or twice a week, so that the facial skin regenerates faster and stays fresh longer. In addition to that, a good trick for nourishing the skin are face masks that you can make yourself, or you can find them find already prepared in the store.


photo credits: @n.misetic

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